Baby Boomers? This is what your kids want you to understand about email.

I have a public service announcement for Baby Boomers. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings and I don’t want to be mean. You know I love you, right? But I’m taking a moment to echo what your own children have probably already tried to explain to many of you. Maybe you’ll be more receptive hearing this information from a different source, (me).

Your personal email account should not be tied to your internet service provider!

The reason why this is a bad idea is that when your cable bill suddenly skyrockets and you switch companies, you also have to switch email addresses. Some of you do this a lot.

From Comcast, to Directv, to Preimeir1, to Centurytel; many of you Baby Boomers are switching email address every few years. I know your friends are doing it too, but that’s no excuse. Do I really have to say it? Don’t succumb to peer pressure!

Have you ever wondered why your children aren’t sending out mass emails with a subject line that reads: “NEW EMAIL ADDRESS”? It’s because we use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Or, if we want to sound extra professional, we use our college alumni account. The point is that we find an address that is free and portable. Then we stick with it forever.

You’re still with me right?  I’m trying to explain this as kindly as possible.

The other reason that having your email tied to your internet service provider is a bad idea is that it really dates you. I only know a handful of people under forty who use their service provider as their address. So when your email says on the back of it, you tell the whole world a lot about your age. Is that your intention?

I think I speak for a lot of Generation X when I say, Baby Boomers, we are sympathetic to your confusion. We remember dial-up. We remember counting the minutes on our two-hours-a- month internet plan back in high school. Some of us have the old AOL connection noise as our phone’s ironic ring tone. We get it. The changing customs of the internet are tough to follow.

But your Millennial children? I’m pretty positive they’re rolling their eyes every time you email them to say you’ve changed your address from to Probably you should have texted them that information instead, or else posted a picture of you and your modem on Instagram. You should also consider taking the 69 out of your handle. I don’t care if that IS when you graduated from high school. Your offspring are mocking you.

So, the next time you switch cable companies and the installer tells you “Guess what Ma’am, you get four free email addresses with your new account!”, you know what to do now, right?

You tell him, “No thank you Cable Man. I’ve already switched over to Gmail. And by the way, you were supposed to be here three hours ago! What gives?”


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