Baby bootlegging (v): use this term when taking credit for another kid's work

We've all been there... You're sitting at the park next to the PR Mommy who can't stop bragging about how advanced her kid is. And then she inevitably adds a cutting comment: Don't worry, your child will catch up soon. 

Ouch. So what do you do? Sometimes I wish that when the PR Mommy stands up a gooey bird turd clings to the seat of her dry-clean only pants. (So far my fantasy has never come true.)

I admit I also have been tempted to try some baby bootlegging. If you don't think about what you just did it feels harmless, that is, until you get caught.

Mitch on the NBC show Modern Family in the clip below "borrows" another child's block tower in order to make his daughter look better. Everything is fine until this bad karma moment bites back. 

(If you can't see the video clip below, go to this link:

I admit it, sometimes I find awkward moments hilarious!

- Chris Olson writes the blog Momathon Blog and is a freelance writer and illustrator. She also answers to the names of chief dog walker, grocery hauler, and "the one with the keys to the car."

(Shoes illustration above © Chris Olson)


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