Baby Food, Blenders, and the unnecessary...

So I'm pregnant with baby #3...and i was just looking at my blender that is sitting out on the counter because this morning it made me a wonderfully delicious strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie. While looking at this wonderful thing I thought (1) I wish I could have a margarita and (2) why do people buy all this crazy baby crap?

I specifically thinking of the baby food blenders with the baby food containers and the freezer containers. Those baby food containers are expensive and what do you do with them after the few months of baby food making has come and gone. 

My sister in law was pregnant last year and she is an interesting person.  She will call and ASK for help, suggestions, thoughts on a topic...and I kid you not I'm sure she does it just to do the opposite of whatever I say.  After she had "H" she called asking about breastfeeding and a week later she said "oh, she couldn't latch, I was busy, this way hubby can get up too". OK...whatever. To each their own.  I don't care if you breastfeed or formula feed, but I don't really care to listen to you whine about the cost of formula.

Anyway, she also called to ask me about baby food making. I LOVE making baby food...I don't know why but I really do like doing it.  I told her about some good websites, good starter foods, what were some of my kids favorite things, and other tips I learned from my experience. One of those tips was....please don't go out and buy all of those over priced baby food making things. I swear walking through Buy Buy Baby I nearly passed out at the cost of a freezer tray specifically for baby food.

I told her...if anything buy yourself a good blender. A super duper blender that doubles as an awesome margarita maker (when its not full of boiled carrots). And all you need are some ice cube trays which are a couple of bucks, and freezer bags if you plan on making stuff in batches. 

The next thing you know this yahoo is posting picks online about her BabyBullet she bought at target and all the accessories she picked up to make baby food.  I swear I should talk to a wall!

And of course, shortly after that she began to complain that she spent all this money on this stuff and H is already eating table food. Duh!




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