Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I’m from the south…hubby is from the north and on most subjects we meet very nicely in the middle. We both love the beach so that’s my definition of meeting in the middle. However, in addition to basking in the tropical sun with a nice little umbrella drink in hand, we both love the outdoors in general….we play tennis, beach volleyball and like to hike. I’m that girl! Wooo hoooo – call me Miss Adventure (wait….scratch that). But as much as I like to think I’m up for anything, when the weather man says it's 19 degrees in our fair city you can guarantee that the invitation “come on, baby….let’s go climb the mountain this morning and get some fresh air” will be declined faster than any speeding bullet Superman may have raced. Give me a cup o’ joe and my soft pink, fuzzy robe on this Saturday morning and I will gladly accept the role of “sissy”. Ahhh….it’s good to be a girl.


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