Baby Led Weaning (BLW) Goes Cheese Less

Cheese less.  I apologized to the young dude taking my Pizza Hut (yes, I went with a franchise because they're fast, closer than any other pizza place, and I had a coupon) order for being weird.  He assured me it wasn't weird, and that he gets this same request just about everyday.  I felt like apologizing instantly, because I'm sure a lot of people think cheese less pizza is some kind of food abomination.  Trust me, my husband and friends are as horrified as you are right.  And Sillyboy only responded with "But, why?!" and Bambina just doesn't get a say in the matter just yet.  Oh the insanity. Then add in Baby Led Weaning, which we started here.

I'm just trying to be a weekday vegan, all by myself.  And I order cheese less pizza. But, why?!  I'll have to share more on that another day.

To spare anyone more shock or hurt feelings over ruined pizza, I only ordered half of the shared pizza sans cheese- but with my other 3 usual toppings: mushrooms, onions, and olives.  Sillyboy and I can eat olives by the cupful by the way- but only black olives, never the green- because we all know those kinds are only good in a dry martini.  Back to the vegan and BLW escapade here, I picked up the pizza and it looked like this:

Not too bad, right?  Well, as long as you don't mind my 3 vegetable options there. :)  I wasn't sure if I should pick off some of the veggies and then I worried about giving Bambina the sauced parts.  But one caveat of BLW is that she should eat what we eat.  Hrmm...So I sliced off my crusts and handed them over.

I don't know if she was super hungry, because technically she had eaten just an hour before.  (Another guideline for baby led weaning is to offer food when baby isn't starving, so that they can explore their food and not lose their temper- more relaxed for everyone).  I debated on the crust being too hard and the edges too crispy, but it was the perfect shape and size for her to hold.  In went the pizza crust to her drooly mouth, and she could gum them for awhile before she got anything- albeit if only she's sucking some nutrients out of it. Another win!

Not only did Bambina not get to experience my cheese less experimental pizza (which I admit, I'll be ordering more often), she didn't get to experience pizza really, just one side section.  Next time I'll make sure she gets a piece with some sauce, and then after that maybe some with veggies.  Baby steps.

What's the weirdest request you've placed for an altered meal?  Did the order-taker scoff at you? Charge you extra?  Order anything without the dairy portion?

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