A Baby Monitor Crisis - Coping with a new addition Part 2

Well, my 4yr old son, Jeffrey decided to tell us without using words that he is still not o.k with having to share his home with another person, especially one that requires a lot of attention.

If you remember his last sibling car seat crisis, he was upset about having to switch sides in the car.  Well, yesterday was another adventure.   

My husband was giving Tyler a bath.  I heard Jeffrey asking his father if he could help out.  Now, it's already hard enough to give a newborn a bath without more distractions, so he told Jeffrey that he didn't need his help.  Jeffrey asked again, but my husband refused his help. 

Jeffrey:  "But I want to wash him" (as he was going for the wash cloth)

Husband:  "Jeffrey, I said No"

My husband finished Tyler's bath and as he was dressing him, I hear my husband yelling at my son, "why did you do that?"  When I entered the bathroom, I saw the cause of his frustration.  In the bathtub was a baby bath filled with water.  Floating in the middle of the baby tub was Tyler's baby monitor.

Me:  "Tyler why did you do that"?

Tyler:  "I don't know"

Husband:  (off to the side so only I could hear) "There is definitely something wrong with him".

Me:  (to my husband)  "He's just acting out because of all the changes he's facing.  He wants some attention.  He's upset that you dismissed his offer to help.  He just wants to get involved."

Husband:  "Attention! he knows what he's doing is wrong".

Me: "I think he's trying to send us a message.  Maybe he's trying to cut off our communication with Tyler.  You should let him help next time."

Husband: "You're over analyzing this.  He just wanted to make trouble".

Me:  (as I turned the monitor upside down and watched water pour out of it)  "Jeffrey, you could have damaged the monitor.  What you did was not o.k"

Jeffrey:  "I wanted to wash the monitor."

Me:  "You can't wash it sweetie, it breaks it."

Jeffrey:  "But I just wanted to help wash Tyler".

Me:  (looking at my husband with an I told you so)  "Thank you for your offer Jeffrey.  Next time you will.  But you still cannot wet electric products."

Husband:  "Yeah, he's just repeating what you said".

Moral:  If you're caught in the same situation, get your older child involved, even if it's just handing you the towel or the wash cloth.  Avoid the baby monitor taking a dive in water.

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