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Kelli from For this Child I Prayed "Lael had only 8 of her teeth for quite some time and for a while there was no activity on the teething front. Then all of a sudden she started to get her MOLARS {insert high pitched horror movie scream in the background}."

Stefanie from Stefanie Japel Knits "She’s got one new one coming in on top and at least two poking through on the bottom! When she got her first tooth we were so excited! She was 6 months old and I wrote it right in her baby book. Then over the course of the next few days, all of the front teeth were in!"

Becky from The Branches "Connor is my first child, so I have never experienced the teething process until these last few months. He started cutting his first tooth over Christmas. He had been fussier than normal and I was sure he was teething; but, nothing could be seen. I was visiting my family in Arkansas and my mom noticed he had a little bit of white peeking through his gums. Sure enough, it was the beginning of a tooth!"

Jen from 11th Heavan's Homemaking Haven "Nothing seemed to help. He’s not one to hold in his hand a refrigerated teething ring and chew on it, and I’m not one to give an oral pain medication several times a day, for weeks on end. We were at a loss as to what to do."

Jana from Find Joy Now "A few weeks ago my baby was fussy and having a hard time settling down for the night.  After trying every tactic to get him to sleep: taking him on a walk, trying to feed him without success, changing him, holding him, and playing music for him, we wondered if he was experiencing some teething pain."

Mona from Kirida "My 13-month-old son TJ sprouted teeth when he was six months old. Though it was an early development for me since his older brother didn’t start teething until eight months, I knew what to expect. It’s not my first time at the mom rodeo!"

Courtney from Storing Up Treasures "Poor Kai has been teething a lot lately. So far he has cut his two top and bottom teeth. Now he is working on his side teeth and first set of molars. I feel so bad for him when he is in pain. You can tell when his gums are sore. He wants to teeth on everything. And he is drooling non-stop. He tends to want to be held more too."

Ashley from Our Little Apartment "Kid. Is. Happy. (I'm not bragging, as we obviously just got lucky. We won the baby lottery.) So, we were understandably so frustrated we wanted to rip our hair out when Gabe started teething a month ago. He suddenly wouldn't sleep, wouldn't smile, was grumbling, and wanted to gnaw our faces off. We were all, "Huh? Who? What? WHERE IS OUR HAPPY BABY!?"

Carolyn from Team Boo "From the moment he figured out how to smile, he has been living up to his name ten fold. Our little “Sonny Delight”, sweet vanilla “Sun-dae” the sunniest “Sonny Shine”. I’m serious this kid never stops smiling. But without the experience of a mouthful of teeth under his belt, could he wear that title with pride"

Lauren from Lauren's Latest "Once she turned two, her molars started coming in. I expected her to fly through these with no problem just like the others, but let me tell you, those suckers are taking their sweet time. They have cut through the gums and still are causing her pain. Stupid molars!"

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