Baby Orajel® Reviews and Giveaways

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For more than 40 years, parents have trusted Baby Orajel to deliver immediate pain relief to their teething baby's sore gums. Now, the maker of the #1 teething brand recommended by pediatricians is pleased to share their NEW Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets with bloggers who tried the naturally derived products with their own babies.  You can read how the product worked for each of them by clicking on the links below. Each blogger has a $100 Target gift card to giveaway to one of their readers!

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Baby Orajel Naturals to the Rescue!

A monster has invaded our house--one that causes restless sleep, fever, excessive drool, lack of appetite, and most unfortunately, an incredibly fussy toddler.  My sweet girl has turned into this over the past few weeks (click to see photo). We've dealt with this monster on a much smaller scale before but this specific breed is INTENSE. It's not just the normal teething's the eye teeth monster.  Teething has always been hard on Kate....more

Favorite New Mom Moments $100 Target Giveaway brought to you by Baby Orajel Naturals

As I’m writing this, I sit here looking at my children and think how time has flown by. The girls are so big, learning new things every day. I swear just yesterday I was able to hold both in one arm, and now I’m barely able to hold both at the same time. I remember the first time I saw the girls, and how tiny they seemed. At less than 4 pounds each, I was terrified of harming them. They spent two weeks in the NICU with trained nurses, so how was I supposed to handle taking care of two tiny, little beings? But surely enough, we survived those first few days....more

Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets: BlogHer Review & Target Giveaway!

Recently, I received the opportunity to review Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets from BlogHer and have a $100 Target gift card giveaway! I have turned down several other review/giveaway offers because I did not feel they would be good fit. However, with this offer I jumped at the chance to review the new tablets because as you might remember I have a teething tyrant in my house. Err, I mean I have an absolutely adorable, sweet, angelic baby who happens to be teething right now, and teething makes her a tad cranky. Ok, it makes her an adorable teething tyrant....more

Win $100 Target Gift Card from Baby Orajel & BlogHer

Teething babies are for the birds. Most moms can tell when their child is teething because they are cranky, drooling, have a runny nose, and even have a fever.  Connor just turned 2 years old, and we are still dealing with teething issues. It’s not as continuous as the first year, but cutting those molars is a bear! I’ve been up many nights with a teething baby and had to get up the next day and go to work.  Anything that helps alleviate the pain for him and gives me a good night of rest is a God send. I recently received Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets to try....more

Baby Orajel Naturals Review & $100 Target Giveaway

This little kidlet just started getting teeth. I knew that we were seeing the last few days of his gummy smile, but I still wasn't prepared for the fussiness or chomping. I was really pleasantly surprised to hear of this Baby Orajel Naturals opportunity, as it was just in the nick of time! As you can tell, Ezra approves of the new tablets. They are the first and only homeopathic offering from the #1 teething brand, Baby Orajel....more

Teething Help from Baby Orajel Naturals

By now I think it's safe to say you all know how I feel about teething. It's the only thing that can turn my normally content baby girl's sweet-nature around. She becomes clingy, she doesn't sleep at night, and nothing makes her happy. But can you blame her? I can't imagine how painful teething must be on her little gums, and she just don't understand why it's hurting so much. To sum it up, teething is awful. I've written before about the many routes we've taken when it comes to teething and nothing ever seemed to give her the relief I was looking to find....more

New Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets Review & $100 Target Giveaway

Anneliese started teething pretty early, probably between 4 and 5 months old, and stayed in an almost-constant state of teething until she finished with her canines a couple of months ago! Sure there were short breaks between pairs of teeth, but before I knew it she was back to chewing on her fingers, whimpering at nighttime, and nursing constantly for comfort. We tried a lot of different natural teething solutions for her. Some didn’t seem to work at all, and others seemed really useful, but one thing I never looked at was Orajel brand teething relief.  Until now. The reason?...more

Twins Teething Means I Need Baby Orajel!

So you look at these two and think, no way do they scream and cry when five seconds before they were all smiles. Well, it doesn't happen too often. However, it does happen. I think, like most babies, they cry when they have a poopy diaper, when they are irritated about something, and when they are in pain. These are all things you think you can fix as a parent, but sometimes it's hard. They haven't ever been big criers so now, when they do, it's kind of a process of elimination. Often I can tell by the cry if it's pain they feel, if it's a fake cry, or if I need to figure out what it is....more

Big Smiles and Homeopathic Teething Treatment from Baby Orajel Naturals

One of my favorite moments as a new mama was when my baby first smiled up at me. Gas? Reflex? Just messing with me? What did I care? It was a big, toothless, engaging grin, and I ate it up. That toothless mouth soon filled up with teeth, early on. My firstborn, Mikko, started growing them early, at around 3 months. It was one of his primary skills: growing teeth and hair, every parent's pride. Even through the increased drool and the sharp little white points emerging, his smiles never became any less cute!...more

Conquering Teething, and $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Having a boy teether has been a completely different experience. Because let’s face it – men do not handle pain as well as women. (Or at the very least, they want you to be fiercely aware of their discomfort at all times.) But despite Noah’s continuous anger while teething, I don’t like the thought of constantly medicating my baby, despite his (at times) quite unbearable composition. Every time I’ve asked other moms how they handle this incorrigible stage, they’ve told me the miracle cure is homeopathic teething tablets....more