Baby Shampoo and Soap

 Our friends are hairdressers, so they usually get off around 8 o'clock. They usually attempt to visit once or twice a week and we'll do dinner or play games or whatever after Emi goes to bed. Their arrival almost always coincides with bath time, so Kathy is one of the few who get to experience a squeaky clean, naked and wet Pie. Last week, on their visit, they arrived just in time for bath time. So Kathy watched me Emi play in the water and have her bath. When I pulled out the good old Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and soap, she began her lecture. "We have done studies on baby shampoos and you think Johnson and Johnson is the best, but it has more sulfates than any other brand." Gasp. I hadn't thought about sulfates in my baby's shampoo and wash. At all. I don't use sulfates in my own hair products because I know they are bad for the hair.

I asked what she recommended and she said at least get an Aveeno baby wash. Which I also have. So I looked at the ingredients in them. Still full of sulfates. Crap.

On our last Target trip Emi and I spent a full ten minutes (which is a lot of time considering she likes to be walking, not stopped examining boring shampoo and wash ingredients) looking for a shampoo and wash that was sulfate free that also didn't smell like complete ass. I finally settled on a Burt's Bees product. And I will have you know that I adore the new wash. It smells fantastic. Like honey and sunshine. And I have noticed in less than a week that her skin is less dry and her hair is less fuzzy.

Also, I used to wash our golden retriever with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and only a few weeks ago I mentioned to my husband that her shampoo reminded me of bathing the dog. Basically, my daughter's hair smelled like wet dog to me. Yuck. Anyways, I am thrilled with my product change and I am thankful for Kathy's insight and assistance in educating me and helping me make a better choice for my precious angel.

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