Baby Showers for Twins

You just found out that you are pregnant. You go into your doctor’s office to see the ultrasound and realize something: there is not just one heartbeat on the monitor or even just one body; there are two! You are expecting twins, but you do not know the genders yet, and all the excitement floods over you as you go through and tell the family that it is expecting two little ones in the world.

Here are three suggestions for what to remember to have at your twins’ baby shower!

pea green balloon


For most baby showers, a single theme is chosen, such as a Disney theme or jungle theme. But what about those who are having more than one child and are having two or more children? Well, the most common theme is “Two Peas in a Pod”, though other ones can also be done. When it comes to themes, you are trying to convey the message that this is how many you are having and whether or not it is a boy or a girl. In twin situations, it might be both are girls, both are boys, or one of each. If you do not know, make the theme gender neutral so this way people will know that you do not know yet (or if you have decided to not tell people). When it comes to themes for a baby shower, most will realize the color scheme and what gender.


For any mom out there, you know that some of the most expensive items for a baby to have are car seats, diapers, formula, and clothes. For those that are having more than one, this can get expensive quickly. To help out the new mom to be of twins and a lot of lives easier, do up a diaper cake. Sounds weird, but if put together well, no one will ever realize that this delicious looking cake is in fact made out of diapers because it will look like an actual cake and will get people talking. There are many sites that will teach you how to make one for free. Some people even include small bottles of shampoo and soaps, as well as baby lotion along the sides of it because that is something that the new mom to be probably did not think of having. Another idea is to get as many bottles of formula as you can, if you know that the new mom to be will not be breastfeeding. That way she will have ready and available and not having to worry about running out to get some in the middle of the night. The formula can be put in the center of the cake.


When it comes to baby showers, a lot of people always bring something home with them to remember that person’s shower. Sometimes they think back to what decorations someone had in order to either use the same idea for theirs or to improve upon the idea. A few ideas when it comes to the twin baby showers include making sure to have enough balloons in a bundle (for example if you are having twin girls, have two pink balloons tied together, two blue balloons for boys, or one of each for each gender), having streamers that match the theme, and to make sure that whatever games you decide to play, that the prizes match the theme as well! You can also include anything baby related that might be useful to the new mom to be afterwards, since she will be stuck with the decorations after.

By doing all the following, you will definitely have a shower that people will be talking about, along with possible names for the babies, talking about histories of the family, and even what will come after having the twins!

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