Baby Time- T minus 11 hours until C-Section!

I should be sleeping, but who am I kidding??? I wake up 3 times a night to pee, so when this plan went into effect for the night before c-section I was okay with it. You see I have gestational diabetes and my c-section (repeat) is tomorrow.  The diabetes was mostly okay but it seems that I have become somewhat insulin resistant towards the end here.  It was pretty late to start changing meds around now. On top of that, they scheduled my section for noon (which is late). No one is sure why, in hindsight, but the facts are the facts. I scheduled for noon.  This means that I am suppose to fast eight hours before surgery.  I can't do that because my blood sugar levels will drop super low.  So the solution was to get up in the middle of the night and eat.  I had a couple of hard boiled eggs (for protein) and added in a small bowl of cereal (which is not an approved GD food) but it will bump up my sugar levels for the long haul.

My doc cleared me to have sips of clear soda in the am in case I need some sugar, but now I need to get my butt to the hospital early so that they can pump me with sugar via IV.  This whole thing is a big of a mess.  Ultimately, I blame myself.

Why??? Well I am a person who believes that you should take your health and healthcare into your own hands and work together with your doctor.  I switched docs at the start of this pregnancy for several reasons. First, convenience - the driving and my schedule with the kids made my previous doctor a tough option. Second, my original docs schedule was not real condusive for me.  So....I found doctor H. Seemed to be a good choice. What she didn't tell me until I was knee deep was that she too was pregnant and expecting just a month of so before me.  She would be on maternity leave when I was due.

I was surprised and annoyed at first then decided that she too deserves to have a career and chose when to tell people about her health and pregnancy.  I decided to stick with her (I did like her bed side manner) until she left at which point I would switch over to a different doctor within the practice.  This new doctor is a little high stress for me and is not someone I would have chosen for myself (this is where I blame myself).  I should have switched right from the start.

She is very by the book and technically minded so I feel safe. I don't doubt her skills and abilities. It is just that I feel like I'm the one talking her down off the ledge half the time.  Twice my non stress tests appointments have lasted 2 hours because she wasn't quite sure about the numbers.  She kept asking "why are we doing this on Wednesday?"... "because my doctor had said chose a date, so I did. Now I have child care and stuff all arranged. I will switch if medically necessary - but is it?"  She said "no, not really. I just don't give a choice. I do it on 39 weeks - not 39 and 1 day." HUH? She even acknowledged that she's a bit high stress compared to the other doctors in the practice - so thank god this is number 3 for me. If this was my first rodeo I would be so stressed out right now. Instead I'm talking to my doctor like I would be tlaking to my hairstylist come the holiday frenzy.  But don't I have standing appointment for that cut, color - oh and baby?

So here I am at 2 am eating, typing (cuz who is gonna sleep now???).  I know I'm not sleeping through the night for the next 8 weeks if I'm lucky...

Get my ass to bed you say??? Yeah, you are right...I should. Off I go!!! Next time you read me people I'll be the mother of 3 kids. 

Oh, names???Any ideas??? we are stuck. No names and the baby will be here by noon -----



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