It's 330am and of course I'm awake. I am feeling really nervous because I have a Dr appt in Owasso today with my OB and she could possibly tell me that I am going to have a baby today. My appt is at 1045am and I'm nervous as can be! I was having so much pain last night that I actually couldn't eat dinner and went to bed at 730 and slept until about 30 min ago. That's a long time for this mommy-to-be! 

I did my research, however, just to make sure I was NOT in labor and the pain I was feeling sounds a lot like the baby "dropping" so I hope that's all that was. Sonny had to pack my bag for the hospital because I could barely move. I just hope I remember to stop by the store before I go to get my last min things! If Drew doesn't come today, he could come Wed or Thurs. But my specialist said not any longer than that. I was expecting 3 more weeks! I don't even have the sleeper put beside my bed, but you can bet a dollar I will before I leave this house for my appt! I've got so much to do! Laundry needs to be finished, the floors need to swept and mopped, I still haven't recieved my memory card for my new camera that was suppose to be here before baby arrived! 

As for Valentine's Day, I can say that I don't much remember it. I went to work like normal and worried about Drew. Kayla, my 7 yr old step-daughter, recieved her rainbow rose and balloon at school. I hope she liked it. When I got home she was playing video games (go figure). I hope Sonny had her do her homework. I made a last min stop in Cleveland to get my hair cut. I already know that once Drew is here, I won't be making it in to Aubrey (my lovely hair stylist!) for quite some time. She got me in immediately on "emergency hair appt". 

I just love her! She knows right when I need her : ) 

If you live around here, Hair Junkies in Cleveland is awesome!

I'm definately getting use to my car. I love it! I don't have to "hop, skip, and jump" my preggo self just to get in it like I did with the truck. I'm talkin using the steering wheel and literally jumping backwards into the truck just to drive it! It was a sight for many months I assure you 

: )

Before I left Cleveland I stopped by my parents house. My dad wanted to see the new car. Of course then he proceeded to pack it with my saddle from when I was 3 that has been sitting in his den since I was 5 (I'm 23 now, you do the math) But I am so happy to have it in my house for my kids to play on. It's on a stand with wheels and we have hard wood floors so I will be able to push them just like my dad did with me. We don't have a horse so it's the closest thing they will get for now. 

I do love that saddle though. The memories it brings back are priceless. My dog, Slink, and cat, Cat, have already checked it out and sniffed every inch of it deciding that it wasn't going to attack them so they finally left it alone. I'm just glad neither peed on it! (The thought that they might crossed my mind once or twice)

I'm actually feeling up to eating now, so I think I'll sign off. Prayers please! (If I'm actually writing to people who read this)




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