Baby's Got Sauce!


When we pull up to carpool in the mornings, and some of the parents are herding their children into school, I see them make the face while tiptoeing past our car: you know the one... that pompous look of disapproval? "Go ahead," I think,"...make my day!" What they never seem to realize, is that those pinched up little faces they keep shooting in my direction are exactly what fuels my increasing volume level. Take THAT you uptight little control freak!

Music has always played a major role in my life: It's gotten me through many (often pathetic) heartaches; it's been an ongoing source of (free... score!) entertainment at outdoor festivals and all the best parties; and, mood-pending, it has simply just made everything better. For us, there was really nothing worse than frolicking to Mother Goose in our downtime, so we decided early on to introduce her to, what we consider to be, appropriate listening material. We kept an iPod running in her room 24/7, which gently delivered anything from Brigitte Bardot to The Cure. On one occasion; however, I did regret not screening the library a little better before setting up shop... but at that age, there's really no way she could have possibly known who Ludacris was, much less understand a word he was saying, so we just chalked that one up to lack of sleep and stupidity. Despite a few lyrical indiscretions, we did an impeccable job of making sure that she doesn't turn into one of those teenagers that only listens to boy bands because they have a hot lead singer. It's usually her that screams, "Turn it up!while we're in the car, and it's almost always when I feel the same way. She loves U2 (of course, mommies favorite); she is a huge fan of David Bowie (most likely due to an uncanny resemblance to her father in this YouTube video performance of Heroes); and her deep appreciation for the soulful talent of G-Love and Special Sauce is nothing short of spectacular... SUCCESS!

It seems like a lot of parents these days are so buys shoving education down their kid's throats that they sometimes forget to enjoy living life.  I understand... life is hard; but in the words of Joel GoodsonSometimes you just gotta say, "What the fuck!"  You'd be amazed at how quickly your mood will change and how happy your children will be when you let a little funk shine through those lemon-dipped eyes!



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