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For keeping my hands free and my babies close and calm, babywearing is just right for me as a mom.

Elizabeth was a high needs baby. She cried a lot and never wanted to be put down. And by never, I mean I couldn't put her down to cook dinner, clean, or even go to the bathroom. She wouldn't let anyone else hold her, not even Matt for a few months. It was challenging.

Luckily, two of my lovely blog friends had sent me baby carriers. I had a ring sling and a stretchy cotton wrap. Elizabeth pretty much lived in those until she learned how to walk. It was the only way I could get anything done, and it was the only way she was calm. It just felt right for her and for me.

Babywearing one child

When Ryan showed up on the scene, I knew that since he was the younger brother, I would need my hands free to deal with Elizabeth quite often. So I did a bunch of research on baby carriers to see how I wanted to expand my stash. And expand I did. I bought a soft structured carrier, a K'Tan, and a woven wrap. I also made myself a new ring sling, got a few pouch carriers, and dusted off my Elizabeth carriers.

Babywearing at Disney

I use all the carriers for different things. (Don't suggest that I sell any of them! That's crazy! I need them all!) I like my woven for wearing for long periods of time. It is by far the most comfortable. I wore Ryan on my back in the woven at the zoo recently for three hours and felt totally comfortable the whole time. (And the little man is a chunk- he weighs more than twenty pounds now!) People kept remarking about how calm he was, how happy, how good! He's a chill baby, yes, but the fact that he was wrapped up securely with his mama allowed him to take on a noisy, busy zoo with grace. And when he got tired, he just tucked his little chin down and took a nap between my shoulder blades. (He fell asleep in the animal kitchen, where they were showing us the frozen rats they feed to the animals at the zoo.)

Babywearing two babies

Babywearing is one of those things that makes me feel like a qualified mom. I'll be somewhere in public and in the middle of wrangling a baby into a carrier or tossing him casually on to my back and someone will inevitably stop and tell me that they could never figure those things out. I don't really think it is that difficult, but it is absolutely the right thing for me and my babies.

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