Breaking Down The Bachelor by the Numbers

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We’re down to 13, folks. Shawntel, one of the finalists during Brad Womack’s season, crashed tonight’s cocktail party to win Ben’s heart. But she went home empty-handed, along with two other women. Ben didn’t give away the final rose. In his defense, it was a “dramatic rose ceremony” (though not necessarily “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever”), what with a ghost from the past in the shape of a funeral director crashing the party and the law student passing out.  

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What did we learn tonight? That women are super-catty when threatened. (Way to reinforce the stereotype, girls!) That a “leap list” is apparently something the kids are talking about these days. (A “leap list” is a list of things one wants to do before reaching a milestone such as getting married or having children, as opposed to dying, which is a “bucket list.”) And that San Francisco may or may not have an open container law that may or may not have been broken during Ben and Kacie B’s one-on-one walk during the group date.


Let’s get to the numbers:

2 = Number of women who say their time with Ben on their date was “magical”.

1 = Number of choreographed fireworks display during a kiss on a date after Ben awarded the rose to Emily (what if he hadn’t given her a rose and the fireworks went off because someone didn’t get the memo? Um, awkward!).

11 = Number of women on the group date.

3 = Number of times Ben referred to San Francisco as “my home”.

0 = Hot tub kisses.

4 = Number of crying women on tonight’s episode.

6 = Number of women Ben kissed on this episode.

2 = Times Ben or the ladies referred to “the journey”.

I’m going to miss Jaclyn. She was funny. My favorite quote of hers tonight was: “On a scale of one to ten, I think I’m going to throw up.”

Next week, the harem heads to Park City, Utah.  The promo shows at least two hot tub kisses.  Bring out the bleach!


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