Back--With an Adult Sandwich Bento!

Apparently I'm unreliable at best when it comes to updating here. I get bored and it goes right out the window. But now I'm starting a whole new adventure in bento-making, so it's exciting again!  I've only been making bento lunches for my girly, and while they're fun in their way, I get bored with them. Now, I've decided to start making bento lunches for my guy and myself. Even though I work from home, having a bento made will hopefully keep me from my usual bad habits. It's so tempting, working at home, alone, at night to eat poorly. Time for dinner? Do I want to cook for one? Make a fast food run? Or...oh, look...there's half a bag of potato chips and a sleeve of Thin Mints. Yup, that sounds like dinner! So maybe this will help.

Anyway, here's what I made for my dinner tonight:

 photo 2013-01-30144514_zpsa71c6d0d.jpg

A sandwich bento!  Starting from left to right:  Lettuce, pastrami, sharp cheddar cheese, smoked ham, pickle slices, a sweet little red pepper, carrot sticks, a sword pick of olives, a little rosette of pepperoni slices, some red grapes, and some chunks of pineapple.  Now when it's time for dinner, I'll just put all the lovely sandwich stuff on a roll or wrap with some good spicy mustard and nibble on the rest ad lib. Perfect!


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