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Product Junky? Me too!   

Like most of you, I have tried so many different products it's just flat out ridiculous. I was willing to try products based on other people's testimony. The sad part is, I know for a fact, what's good for you maynot be good for me. Still I tried them. Only to cry about the money I
could have saved when I didn't get the results expected. The purpose of this post is to remind each of you to stick with what you know works best for you. I've been reading and hearing a lot about new products, but I've also been hearing more about products not working. That's including my post on my bad hair product experience. The question that I
have now is, what are you looking for in a product? What does the new product have or don't have compared to the old product? What do you love or hate about your old products? Why did you stop using the products that you like? Was it because, you could no longer find them? Did you have a bad experience? Someone told you to try something else? Now,
after thinking about all of that, do you think you hair has improved or gotten worse since the changes? If you don't see a huge difference in your hair, go back to the product that you did see a difference from. I know I give hair advice, but it's based on what works for me. You have to buy, try or go back to what works for you.

Now to sum things up based on me. I was sitting at home thinking the other day after my SheaMoisture post. The first thing came to mind was, why did I even buy this stuff? Well, the answer was on the box. It told me all the wonderful things my hair would do if I used THIS product. The kicker is ALL products tell you the wonderful things they could get your
hair to do. The catch is learning what our hair need or don't need and knowing when to STOP. I have been a personal fan of Ion and Proclaim for a while now. I stopped using them when all the talk about sulfate free shampoo and dry hair came into play. NOTE: my hair was growing and  it was not dry. But  silly me thought, why not try something new? I've tried products that's made my hair dry, oily, frizzy and everything in between. Why? Because when you change products you look for something that's going to treat your CURRENT problem. The reality is your current problem 9 times out of 10 is the result from your new product. I always suggest to people to go back to whatever products they used when they were happy with their hair. That way you will know what your hair should or should not be doing. From that point, start looking for dryness, being too oily, breakage or whatever the case may be. Then you will know what to treat so you can stop treating product problems and start treating hair problems.

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