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Mommie Helen's Bakery - Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate

It's amazing what the brain remembers. Sometimes I can't recall my password to login to an online account. However, I still know the name of the bakery a business associate recommended over five years ago.

It was Mommie Helen's Bakery in Colton, California.

Back then, I browsed their website and was introduced to Roseberry Cobbler. It's their special mixture of strawberries, boysenberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

They definitely had my attention.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when a frosting craving hit. An average day for fanatic like myself, the question was simply where to go?

For some reason, I thought of Mommie Helen's. A review of their current site confirmed they baked cakes and cupcakes too.


With my navigation set, I was on my way.

Most items at Mommie Helen's were pre-packaged, including the cupcakes. There were four basic flavors - vanilla w/vanilla buttercream, vanilla w/chocolate buttercream, red velvet, and coconut. 

Each was large in size and only $2.50. At that price I could've tried them all. But common sense prevailed and I stuck with two.

Back home, I started with their Red Velvet.

Yes, you heard correctly, Red Velvet.

Now if you've been a regular reader, you know I rarely select this flavor when critiquing a baker. I've had too many disappointments, even before I began blogging, and consequently have trust issues. 

Still, I decided to take a leap of faith, based on the appeal of Mommie Helen's pies.

I'm glad I did.

My first taste was frosting. Sweet, creamy, and rich. 

I took another bite. More glorious frosting. 

There was cake, right?

I pushed the cream cheese frosting aside and sampled the cake only.

It was moist, with a light texture and light cocoa flavor. I've had better, but it was good. 

Nonetheless, the frosting was the star. With its subtle attributes, the cake was merely there to support.

I finished the Red Velvet cupcake and smiled with content.

Next I tried another classic, their Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Buttercream.

From the first bite, this cupcake reminded me why I love this combination.

The chocolate frosting was luscious, with a surprisingly silky texture. The cacao percentage had just a hint of dark chocolate. 

The vanilla cake was moist, light in flavor and texture. Like the red velvet, the cake was there to support the frosting. 

Even with a fork, this cupcake got a little messy, as I didn't want to miss a drop of that decadent buttercream. 

At the end, I licked my fingers in delight. 

I give Mommie Helen's Bakery 3.5 out of 5 stars for their cupcakes. 

There's nothing fancy about their shop or their cupcakes. You won't find the fillings or fondant.

Just good cupcakes done right - back to basics.


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