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Constipation (what a glory-word) is the bane of many a mom. We've struggled with it a bit with Moxie, who (despite two sharp teeth) is still breast feeding. I really shudder to think what it would be like if she was on formula. Anyway, we experimented and tried this and that, that and this. Probiotics, as found in yoghurt, I'm sure would be great but Moxie doesn't like super tart plain yoghurt (yet) and won't eat much of it. The cereal + tablespoon of prune juice + fruit or the oils added to food were great to a point then just kind of fizzled. Lost their efficacy. Poops would be back to little rock nuggets.

Until we busted out the coconut! I swear, I hear a little chorus of angels singing in my head as I type this. Coconut! It's amazing. We take one or two teaspoons of the Coconut Butter, add maybe half a cup of coconut water, then some ground cereal (we rotate between different grains), heat it up a tad to melt the butter, then VOILA!


To plump your kid up, you can also add more coconut butter and then some of the cream. We don't use the cream all that much ourselves, but have it on hand just in case. Trader Joe's sells almost all of this stuff, by the way, at a fraction of the cost I'm seeing on these amazon links (except for the coconut butter - that's expensive at $10 a pop but it does go a very long way).

These puff things are also pretty fabulous. 

 Moxie loves, loves, *loves* the little suckers




They don't taste like all that much but they are organic, crafted from seemingly quality ingredients, are cheap and I actually got delivered through amazon (but Target sells them for the same price).

Puffs, yoghurt meltables, coconut stuff...all that pales in comparison to how much this girl digs melon. Oh man.

We don't cut 'em in small pieces - we give her a big, long strip that she can grip

 and chomp her way through

 chomp, chomp






yes, we end up with mush all over her, the chair, the floor but dang! We got us a happy Melon Muncher


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