Back to (Home)School

So, I survived our first week back to home schooling after the winter break. I'll readily admit that I dreaded it.

Keeping a routine is not my strong point. I laughed at the idea of having scheduled feedings or naptimes for the boys when they were infants. My philosophy was feed them when they are hungry, put them to bed when they are tired, and try not to mix the two up.

Somehow, though, home schooling has made me see the wisdom of routine. Life homeschooling three boys just runs more smoothly when the boys know what to expect day-in and day-out. So, I've risen to the occasion and created a rough schedule that we keep.

Then, winter break arrives and messes up my tidy world. Oh, don't misunderstand.  We all needed and enjoyed our break. And, without the routine, I could actually catch up on other parts of our lives that needed attention.

Still, as January 4 rolled around, I started to cringe. After so much free time to play outside, watch movies, play computer games and build with their toys, I just knew they would test me again to determine how very serious I was when I said to finish their math or read their literature. I made a mental note that it would take at least three days to get them back on their tasks without constant hovering. I warned my spouse I was in for some tiring days and told him he might want to plan on getting some take-out food.

Monday finally arrived. I got a bit of a reprieve because the boys go to lessons outside the house on Mondays. Tuesday, however, was all mine to handle. Just as I expected, my oldest became dramatic over anything that meant he might have to think, while my middle son suddenly had a terminal case of daydreaming. On we soldiered, however, as I refused to be drawn into one's theatrics while continually directing the other back to his work.

By Wednesday afternoon, thing were running smoothly. I would even go so far as to say that the boys were gaining a sense of accomplishment as they completed their assigned work. I can honestly write that I'm looking forward to the coming Monday morning.

So, I survived another holiday break. Now, when does spring break fall this year?


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