Back in the saddle again...


Wow. Is it over all ready? I think I could definitely use another four days off, and I think every week should be a three day week.

How was your Thanksgiving? You know it’s the day before thanksgiving when you go to the grocery at five thirty and the place is packed- It’s always packed at five thirty but not in a the-end-of-the-line-is-where?! way, and when you see that line you don’t just shrug and decide that maybe you don’t really need whatever you are there for all that much, but the night before Thanksgiving, you wade in anyway - and then later when you realize that the ingredients you stood in a forty - five minute line for, were for the wrong recipe and you now have to go back to the grocery again at 9pm and you do - and the lines are still there and are not in any way less then they were before, and they may actually be longer - you know it’s the day before Thanksgiving.

You also know it’s the night before Thanksgiving when you are busy making that pie and it is 10:30 at night and this does not seem at all odd to you.

What else? Post standing in line/pie making/ Dinner inhaling, I shopped. But not at 4am, because I have never wanted to buy anything so badly that I would buy it at 4am. The idea of subjecting myself to acres of florescent lighting at 4am is more than I want to imagine. Nice people aren't out shopping at 4am! Nice people are in their beds at 4am. Do you know who is out shopping at 4am? Johns and crazy people! Do you know who is open for business at 4am? Hookers and Wal-Mart. You shop at 4am because you are afraid "they" might see you.

I shopped at a reasonable hour and I ate. And then I shopped again and then I ate some more. And I watched some football and then I shopped and then I ate some more and then did some more shopping. I count shopping as exercise because shopping is walking I walked a lot and walking is exercise . And I ate healthy because I ate a lot of pie and the pies were healthy because they were made of healthy fruits and vegetable and fruits and vegetable are good for us.

I shopped patriotic too. Alphagal, My Mom and I were very patriotic - We shopped out of love for America's Economy. I bought for everyone at work, family, friends, Dogger, myself because who is more familiar with my likes, dislikes, who knows what I want more than me and I found time to fill up Minnie's tank up. I didn’t do this alone, I have two credit cards that may never walk again.

Oh, and I took pictures

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