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Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and enjoyed spending time with your children! Its hard to believe the summer is nearly over and it is time to prepare for September. As a teacher of Early years I am going to focus this post on younger children who are preparing to begin Nursery and Reception but most of this content is relevant to all primary school age children. Your child should have been introduced to their new teacher and other adults who will be working in their classroom before the Summer Holidays. For younger children this might be something they will need to be reminded off through simple conversations or re-call activities. For example asking your child what is their teachers/class name? What does it look like? What toys, activities, games were in the classroom? You can promote this in a positive way by phrasing questions in an enthusiactic way such as “What are you most looking forward to” etc.

When I was preparing to leave my last class in July and preparing them for a transition to Year One, I received many questions about why they had to move. For Nursery and Reception age children their classroom becomes a safe place where they feel in control and take ownership of it. Moving to a new class can be a confusing and sometimes upsetting time for some children. I spent a lot of time explaining to the class that as they get older they learn new things. and by the end of each year they have done such a fantastic job that they are ready for a new class. I also encouraged them to think back to the beginning of the year and showed pictures of the first day. I encouraged children to discuss the things they can do now that they could not do one year ago.i.e reading. writing. playing tennis, speaking aloud to the class etc. I explained that because they have learned all of these things they are ready for a new year.

On of the thing I notice that children struggle most about in September is energy levels. A lot of children enjoy different bed times and more free time and rest during the holidays and getting back to a structured routine can be difficult. With about two weeks to go, now is a good time to re- introduce routines. School year bed times and waking up times can be gradually implemented. It is also important to get your child use to eating at school meal times. You may find giving your child a larger breakfast and offering fruit as a mid-morning snack helpful to keep them going till lunch time.

Also another little tip for Mums and Dad; Once you get information from school, pencil it in! Calenders, diaries or even your smartphone- mark down all holidays, breaks, inset days and important school dates for your children! It’s helpful for you to keep on top of everything and will make you feel more organised.

Thanks for reading, any comments or questions welcome! :)


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