Time for School: The Mid-Day Tea Parties Had to End Sometime

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Since my youngest associate will be leaving the office to explore new opportunities, Tuesday marks the start of my new job. While my hours will be better, the pay will still stink.

I have over 8 years experience of having a child at home, so the thought of not having one at home with me during the day is going to take some getting used to.

Vaughn cannot wait to start kindergarten. Her excitement has been contagious and we're all excited for the start of school around here. However, last week it hit me that starting school meant that she would be... leaving me. I guess the mid-day tea parties had to end sometime.

The Tea Parties Had to End Sometime
Credit: camdiluv.

I'll still have groceries to buy, errands to run, and cleaning to do but it's all that leftover time that I'm worried about. I know I'll find ways to fill it -- house projects, gym time, helping out in the kids' classrooms, that sort of stuff. Yet, I feel I was good at staying home with the kids, like it's what I was meant to do. I treated it like any other job and put everything I had into it. I loved doing projects with them, library and park trips, helping them learn through play. I focused all my time and energy on them because moving from place to place, we didn't have a lot friends. There were no other Moms to call to meet for playdates or anyone to watch the kids while I ran and did something for myself. Just me and the kids until Daddy got home from work.

So, now what do I do with myself that it's over?

Napoleon Dynamite: I don't even have any skills.
Pedro: What do you mean?
Napoleon Dynamite: You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills.

No, I don't want another baby, I'm just sad that this chapter of my life is over because I enjoyed it so much. Of course, I know it's not totally over; it's not like they're moving out, but hopefully I'm making my point clear. I'm trying to be positive and am excited for this new "job" opportunity of mine. I'm looking forward to getting to know myself a little more and finding what my new skills will be. (Hopefully it will be nunchuck skills because wouldn't that be awesome?!?)

How are you guys handling the kids going back to school? Boo-hoo-ing or yahoo-ing?


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