Back to School for Realists

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[Editor's Note: I'm sure you've read a back-to-school letter from your kids' school and thought, "If only things ran as smoothly as this letter makes it sound." After the lunch confusion we've suffered this year, I read back over our section and wondered what I was doing wrong! That's why I loved this back-to-school letter from the "Reality School District" on Mothers of Brothers. It's a funny and, let's face it, honest look at everything from bus issues to school supplies to volunteering. Trust me, this is one letter that you'd love to get from your kids' school! My favorite is the one I quoted below about emergency days, but they're all quite amusing. -Jenna]

Back to School for Realists:

Back to SchoolEmergency School Closing: While the winter months seem far away, it is never too early to talk about snow days. Our school closing number is 476. Although the system of listening on the radio for your number is long outdated, we cling to it like ice on the windshield. Most likely you will get a text message with the good news. And as sure as the sun will rise each day, you will question our judgement on every decision. We will be dead wrong at least twice – and you will likely pay for our mismanagement with Spring break vacation days.

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