Back to School in a Special Needs World

Lately it seems no matter how much I try I just can't keep up.  Every year at this time I go into September with great intentions.  I strive to get a head start on what I think the school might need.  I pre-think, pre-plan, pre-everything to save myself the grief at the start of the school year.  Sure it probably does help but no matter how much I do, I struggle to figure out how September went by so fast.  Dissecting September would look something like this:


Multi-tasking to have all materials for school ready.

First week chaos of balancing school schedule and home.

Family dog needing extra attention since losing his companion brought on extreme anxiety. 

Two field trips.

New Support Worker training.

Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting.

Letter to School District over lack of accessible bus.

Setting up Variety fundraiser, meetings, volunteers, coin boxes, etc. 

5 days in Vancouver for sister's birthday and Callie's appointments.

AFO fittings disaster, 2nd appointment needed.

Loss of two therapists.

Follow up on referrals which again didn't go through.

Hunting down and setting up extended school therapies.

Fixing wheelchair.

The list could go on and on. 


As I reflect on this crazy month, I wonder how many people gave up reading my blog from the lack of recent posts.  With only this week to go, I wonder how much more this month has in store for me.  I think about the lengthy "to do" list that still waits.  Mostly I envision I'm typing at a beachside cantina in Costa Rica, soaking up the sun and fresh ocean air.  Hmmm, one day.....just not in September.


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