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Back in 2010, at 13 and half Stone i decided it was time to join my local gym. My brother was already a member there and i thought if im gonna do something about this extra weight now is the time. I had started going swimming with friends/family once a week...not that i could swim well but practice makes perfect! Out of the five of us girls who went swimming i was the second heaviest and was really self conscious getting in and out of the pool. One Tuesday evening i told them my plans to join the gym and they basically thought it was a joke! One of them (the heaviest one of us all) said "bet you last two weeks" well that was motivation enough for me and the next day i arranged to sign up....



A couple days later and I had my induction and my first session at the gym, i was feeling like a fish out of water! thought everyone was staring at me and thought i looked stupid in there but told myself this has to be done! My brother was in there too which helped as i knew i could workout with him supporting me. After the first ten mins of struggling to breathe on the exercise bike i finally got my breathing under control and my mind was at ease, i soon realised no one was staring at me and infact every single person was in there with the same aim as me.... personal improvement. This was the start of my gym journey.

I was told by my brother (who is also a qualified personal trainer) to aim to go to the gym every other day.... so that is what i did. I was single at this point of my life and lived alone and soon started going everynight. Within a month everyone was commenting on how i looked like i was loosing weight and i felt so much fitter...running up the stairs was no longer breathless task!.....


I managed to lose 1 and a half stone in around 3 months.


Then i hit, what i like to call, the wall.... i was stuck at 13 stone and not getting any lighter regardless of the amount of exercise i did! I decided to ask one of the gym trainers to make me a personal gym plan and it worked! After another 3 months i had shed another stone.

Then i met my boyfriend and the gym went from my top priority right to the bottom of my things to do list.

Having lost a considerable amount of weight, getting to a size and weight that i was happy with and starting a new relationship i stopped going to the gym.... ive been going on and off for the past six months but three weeks ago i decided it was time to go again. After bulking back up to an all time high of 15stone i was embarrassed, upset and frustrated with myself. ALL THAT HARD WORK HAD BEEN UNDONE SOOOO FAST!

I have managed to lose 7 pounds in three weeks and im now starting to get my motivation back! My boyfriend is ever so supportive and has even joined the gym himself, although he has joined to bulk himself up and not to lose any weight!

Tomorrow is my gym day, i am currently going straight onto the cross trainer for a 30 minute cardio workout and i am buring around 410 calories on this one machine, my next aim is to comfortably have a 30 minute cross trainer session along with 15 minutes cardio session on an exercise bike.

Lets see what tomorrows gym session brings.....


x Flossy x


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