Backseat Entertainer

One of the portfolios that comes with being Mom to an 8 month old, is that of Backseat Entertainer on long road trips.  And this weekend I was once again reminded that I officially stink at it - gah!

Our longer road trips usually start out all serene and pleasant, with Driver, Baby and The Backseat Entertainer looking surprisingly similar: Excited, well-rested and all smiles.  Holiday music plays in the background, there's friendly back and forth banter and Baby might even take a peaceful nap.  Perfect.

That blissful first 20 minutes...


However, somewhere during the endless drive the situation usually takes a turn for the worse.  Suddenly the difference between Driver, Baby, and The Backseat Entertainer becomes glaringly obvious:  Two of the three look like they've traveled very far on the back of an open pick-up... in a mobile chicken coop.  Their clothes are wrinkled; their hair is standing in all possible directions; and their bodies are covered in spit-up, fruit puree, poop and finely torn tissue paper.  The driver, however, arrives at the final destination looking immaculate - cool as a cucumber.  No outsider would ever have guessed that all three had, in fact, used the same mode of transport to get there.

So where am I going wrong?  Which tricks am I missing?  In exactly T minus two days we'll be leaving on a long awaited two week holiday.  To Cape Town.  Which equals an eight hour drive on Day One.  I.  Am.  Terrified.  Please help!


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