Backtalk: Moms Who Inspire and Moms Who Are Really Real

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I have a folder in my computer's bookmarks list titled simply, Inspiring Posts. It's filled mostly with posts from other mom bloggers, posts like this one, from Kris at Wondermom and this one from Lena at Cheeky Lotus, and this one from Alice at Finslippy. These posts have become touchstones that encourage me when I'm feeling empty and uncreative, from mothers whose thoughts and musings have resonated with me over the years.

And then there are the blogs I turn to when I just need a good laugh. My friend Yvonne over at Joy Unexpected brought tears to my eyes the other day when I came across this post, which describes a time when one of Santa's elves went way, way, way over the line. You have to read it to believe it. And Jenny at The Bloggess has made me laugh out loud in Starbucks more than once with posts like this one.

I tell you all this not only to share some fabulous links, but also because a discussion about these two types of bloggers starts off our second episode of Backtalk. Chris, Kelly and I talk about some of the bloggers who make us want to be some kind of Supermom, as well as the bloggers who make us laugh and feel like we're not alone in the mommy mistakes we all make every single day.

Also in this episode, I talk with my new friend Angie from the tremendously popular blog, Bring the Rain. Angie has gone through one of the toughest experiences any mother can face and in her blog, she writes a searingly honest account of how she got through it, one day at a time. On this week's Backtalk, she offers some great advice that all of us can use, whether we're mothers or not.

And before you go, we're still looking for more of you to feature in upcoming episodes! Here are the topics we'll be covering:

  • What do you love about your kid's school? What do you hate? What do
    you think about the state of our education system right now? Come on,
    ladies, we want your rants, your raves, and your no-holds-barred


  • How is the economy affecting your family? Are you or your spouse
    out of a job? Are you saving in the event that one of you gets laid off
    down the road? Are you feeling anxiety or powerlessness over what's
    going on?


  • For those of you with one child, what are the most insensitive
    remarks people have made about your decision to have "just one?" On the
    flip side, for those of you with large families, what are some of the
    stupidest things people have said to you about your brood? Why does
    family size matter so much to perfect strangers?

We'd love to see links about what you've written on these topics, but what we really want right now (and by right now, I mean by Friday, February 18th) is to see your face on some video! Yes! Sound off on any one of these topics and either upload it directly to our site here or use another video service like YouTube if you'd like, and leave us a link to your video in the comments of this post. You might just see yourself on a future episode of Backtalk!

Hope to see you soon!


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