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So this month we talked about breastfeeding, vacationing with your children, and blogging about teenagers. As long as you aren't blogging about breastfeeding your teenager while on vacation you probably have good company in the momosphere.

On the topic of teenagers, I said in the piece that my oldest son had asked me to pretend that he didn't exist. He did feel that way for awhile, more worried that I would share embarrassing stories about him than anything else. I do write about him now and I think we have come to an unspoken agreement. I mostly talk about him in the sports related arena or share stories that paint him in a good light. I assure the internet that he is not perfect, though my blog might suggest otherwise. Oh wait, my sons says to tell the internet he IS perfect. So, um, ok.

Melisa from Suburban Scrawl writes in the comment section:

I am very careful to not write publicly about anything that would mortify or embarrass them (though sometimes it's hard to hold back!), but they do know that as a writer, I, well, WRITE. I write about family and as two important members of the family, they are included in my blog.

TXMoppet from Canned Laffs agrees, but takes it one step further:

The kids determine what and how much info I share about them. Outgoing 18 year old boy loves to be photographed and in the spotlight. Shy 14 year old girl permits no photos or overly specific stories.

Casa De Cruz allows her daughter to determine what stories are blogged:

I have a 15 yr old and I clear all incidents with her before I blog them. She is also the reason I run a PG-13 blog. Though I would love to be a bit edgier, knowing my daughter reads it keeps me reined in. That's just the way it is.... But the private life of my daughter is pretty much off limits. It's a fine line.

Jozet asks us to consider what happens when the shoe is on the other foot:

A whole other post might be how do parents handle when their kids start blogging/Facebooking about *them*. Because it comes around, and payback - even all in good fun - is, as they say, a female dog.

Yikes! I am plugging my ears. La la la, I can't hear you. Though I would hope that the respect I have shown my kids would be returned.

And I think most people agreed about vacationing with children.

Amber wrote:

I believe vacations with children are not really vacations. Sometimes you have the perk of someone to clean up after you, which is great. But a whole family crammed into a small space, kids out of routine, and long days can make for not a lot of fun. I like the good memories, but I definitely feel like I need another vacation when I arrive home.

Personally I think we need a different word to describe vacationing with children.

Leighbra thinks that vacationing with her children gives her a new perspective on the places that they travel:

I've personally found that when we vacation WITH the kids, we see and do more neat things that are specific to the area. We do the National Parks' Junior Ranger programs and learn about the area w/o paying a guide, we fish, we look for butterflies/flowers/toy shops

It was a great month of shows here at Backtalk, filled with videos and comments from you. Thanks for being a part of the show.

And as always if you have anything that you think should be featured on Backtalk, let us know.

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