Bad Blogger?

How do you know if you are a "Bad Blogger"?

I think the shoe fits right now, as my last blog post was a long time ago. I haven't gotten any hate mail so no one is too awfully upset. I do have good reason, if it matters. My life as I knew it changed 8 weeks ago. I would like to say for the record: I was on maternity leave.

 Now those of you who know me personally know I had a hystrectomy in January. You might be asking how is that possible? I had a bouncing baby boy.

Well he is a boy, not really a baby, he's 10. His name is Oyis. We have been settling in. Settling in to life for me is back to needing a babysitter and learning about hi-back booster car seats. Making & shuffling Oyis Dr appts. Learning to balance work with the demands of a new child in our home, as well as making sure my other children don't feel left out, & don't forget my personal commitments.

So a little back story for those that are new to this blogger. Short version: Went to Haiti, fell in love, made it happen. Oyis came to the US for surgery and medical care that he could not obtain in Haiti. He was injured in the Earthquake on Jan 12, 201o. A wall fell on him while he was playing outside, causing a bilateral temporal skull fracture & a fractured femur. He was treated on board the USNS Comfort where they placed an external fixator on his leg. That fixator remained in for almost six months, it was surgically removed in June, here in the US. So in addition to my 28 yr old Daughter 


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