THE BAD GIRL....."Today's Woman" is All Worn Out......But The Bad Girl Isn't......


 I LIKE TO CONSIDER MYSELF A “BAD GIRL” but a GOOD BAD GIRL if that makes sense…Yes, on occasion I do like to put on a mini-skirt, high heels, and tease my hair big…..I learned long ago that bad girls have all the fun….They almost always look good and simply look rested….while all the “good girls” seem to look tired and worn out…..but before you grab your husbands and run for the hills….let me explain…..The kind of bad girl I am talking about is really not so bad….actually quite good….

There is  a lady at church…..She is well into her 70’s and a little overweight in my opinion. She comes weekly to the service which is a bit of a formal service….I simply love to watch her….Her skirts are just slightly higher than “good taste” for a woman her age…Her hair is over teased and sometimes she wears a big hat….I always see her in stiletto heels…I would say she has a bit of a “bad girl” side to her….and she looks like she is enjoying this season of her life…..Her husband seems to cater to her and really love being with her….Her family seems to love the way she is too….

On the go….that is how most women are today…..Busy going from one thing to the other without any rest stops in between….No time to care for herself because she is so busy caring for everyone else….Yes, to me this is the perfect description of most of Today’s Women or the GOOD GIRL….ALL WORN OUT….

The Bad Girl on the other hand is a woman who does take care of those she is supposed to but it is not her responsibility to take on everything and she knows the difference and applies it to her life….She takes great care of herself so she can take care of others….She is rested….She thinks about what is right for her…She enjoys being pretty.....She knows how to have fun.....She knows if she feels good she will be at her best for others….and truly others love to be around her…..


When we deplete ourselves we become empty and ultimately have little worthwhile to give to others….It is so important to be taking care of ourselves so that we can also take care of others…..The Emergency Masks on an airplane come with the instruction “Put your mask on first before helping others” and I agree…If you are passed  out you can’t help someone else put theirs on….This is so how it is with the rest of our lives….We have to take time out to take care of ourselves before we can really help other people long term….

Most women feel guilty for taking time out for themselves….to do what they want to do…to take time to rest….Sometimes it is others around them telling them that they are being selfish to do so….Many women today need a dose of selfishness added to their lives…..being good to themselves….I say “Don’t allow anyone to tell us to not take care of ourselves…” We owe it to ourselves to take fabulous care of us….

I remember the “Bad Girl” in high school….She had attitude and did what she wanted…No, she didn’t get into any kind of trouble or did anything significantly wrong from what I could tell….She had attitude…They called her the “Bad Girl” only because she did not say Yes to things that were not right for her…..She took her time in what she did do and usually did it well. She didn’t let others rush her…..She didn’t rush herself….She always looked fresh and pretty because she took care of herself….and she always had the BOYFRIENDS…..That is why we called her the “Bad Girl….” I soon was to learn to be a Bad Girl myself and have sort of made it a way of life in a GOOD way….

I see so many of my friends simply exhausted and worn out….Frazzled is the world….You can look at their faces and see they are in overload….Too much of everything……I especially see my women friends in overload….They are trying to do it all and be it all for everyone but themselves…..


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