In Defense of Jeggings

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When I was a few months pregnant with my second kid, skinny jeans hit the fashion scene in a big way. And I -- fearing the unfamiliar, and getting rounder every day -- laughed and rolled my eyes, thinking, "HA! There's no WAY I will ever wear something as ridiculous as skinny jeans! Not for the next seven or so months, and not ever." And then I would shake my head. Smugly. I viewed the concept as ludicrous; a style that was bound to be unflattering, silly, and...sausage-casing-y.

Sartorial Stockholm Syndrome -- (something I may have just made up, hereinafter referred to as "SSS") is a VERY REAL THING, however, and after noticing skinny jeans everywhere, I soon found myself slowly drifting toward the maternity skinny jeans (a phrase to be feared, if ever there was one) each time I visited Destination Maternity. "I'll just TRY them. Just to see how ridiculous they are," I told myself. SSS had me in its vise-like grip.

Surely you know how this ended. I was in love. They fit BETTER --and were more flattering -- than regular jeans. Even on me, who was six months pregnant by the time I finally bit the bullet:

I told myself that maybe it was some weird pregnancy-related optical illusion/ voodoo, and once I had my daughter and was back in real clothes, skinny jeans would look horrendous on my figure. But no! Again, more flattering on me than regular jeans!

I'm all for making independent fashion choices, but every now and then, the seemingly-silly style trend that's bearing down on you from all sides can be the right one for you. And while I will personally never get behind denim shorts, shirts, or acid washed ANYthing, my skinny jeans experience has encouraged me to give  (some!) questionable trends a try. Namely, jeggings, and boyfriend jeans.

To me, jeggings are Skinny Jeans 2.0; they're lighter, more streamlined, and more comfortable.There are definitely some crappy-looking ones out there, but a quality pair has the stretch and ease of leggings, with the look of jeans. (AND an elastic waist!) J Brand's jeggings -- while pricey -- are my favorite, and I love this post by Young and InStyle on various ways to wear them.

Boyfriend jeans are a bit trickier, since you want to strike a precise balance somewhere between fitted and baggy, which is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. Old Navy's "The Weekend" cut is amazingly flattering (and on crazy sale right now!).

With both of these styles, I've found that balance and proportion are key; I tend to wear my boyfriend jeans with something very fitted on top, and then either dainty flats or chunky sandals. Carrie of Wish Wish Wish demonstrates how to perfectly pull off the relaxed-yet-still-feminine silhouette that's key with boyfriend jeans. (Isn't she stunning?). Skinny jeans require loose, long and/or tunic-type tops to counterbalance their narrow look. Beyond that, have fun, and don't be afraid to give new denim styles a try!

What are your denim do's and dont's? And-- more importantly -- have you ever succumbed to Sartorial Stockholm Syndrome?

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