Bad Ingredients for Breastfeeding Babies!!!

Dr. Michele Brown OB/GYN

Certain products on the market contain ingredients that may not be safe for breast feeding babies.

If you are a breast feeding mom, please be wary of nipple gels and creams containing the following ingredients:

Lanolin:  If the nipple product contains lanolin, DO NOT use. When a new mother breast feeds using lanolin-based products, her infant may be getting trace amounts of harmful chemicals.  How?!  Please see our article below regarding pesticides, lanolin and breast feeding babies:

Read more about pesticides in lanolin-based products HERE.

Olive Oil: If the nipple product contains olive oil, we recommend you put it back on the store shelf. Why? Because a trial of products containing olive oil found that the olive oil crystallized and becomes rancid after 3 months, similar to olive oil that is used for cooking.

Marshmallow Root: There is no data on the safety of...

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