Bad Luck Cadet

Once upon a time, a woman blogger joined BlogHer and published a blog post... (Wait, don't leave. I know it sounds kind of boring but trust me, it's not!) Her first post caught my attention, and Sassymonkey's attention too. Each time she posted a blog post, we would say to each other, "Did you see that post?" or "Everyone should be reading her blog!" and then we started to say, "We need to figure out how to feature one of her posts!" and then we finally found one we could feature -- and we did.

As more people began to read her posts, Sassymonkey and I began to say to each other, "She needs to write a book" and then we began to say it out loud, in comments and on Chatter. One day, after I said this again, someone (Virgina, I think) said, "She has a book!" And I was shocked and thrilled and I promptly bought it: Bad Luck Cadet. (And then Sassymonkey said, "Did you know she has a book?!" and I laughed.)

And so there I was with Bad Luck Detective's book in my Kindle library, still unread, when someone said, "She has another book!" What?! In a different genre?! And I went to buy that one too but I stopped myself and decided I had to start reading some of the books written by members of the BlogHer community, I couldn't just buy them and never read them. So I put this blogger's second book into my wish list and downloaded her first book into my active library and started to read it.

I read it slowly at first, just while waiting for some kid or another to come out of school or flute or drama but before I knew it, I was laying in bed and it was midnight and I had not been able to stop reading it!

Bad Luck Cadet was fantastic.

A 40 something woman, out of shape and recovering from a broken hip decides she is going to become a police officer -- and it's a true story. Not only is it a true story but the Bad Luck Detective spends a lot of time here on hanging out with us and we are darn lucky to have her here.

This first book tells the story of how she decided to enter the police force and her police academy struggles.

I was so disappointed for the cadets who didn't make it. And, I wanted to kill Sgt Dickless Dickface Dickens. But, I also understood where he was coming from and Suzie set him straight in the end, which is as it should be, isn't it?

Go read her book and put yourself in her place... there is no way I'd have made it through the academy training. I don't have what it takes -- but Suzie did, and I'm thankful she shared her story with us. You should read it, too.

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