Bad Luck Officer

Last month I wrote about reading Bad Luck Cadet, written by BlogHer's very own Bad Luck Detective. If you read that post, you know how much I loved the book and how much I adore Suzie Ivy. You probably won't be surprised that I'm back again to tell you how much I enjoyed Bad Luck Officer!

I was so excited to hear that the second book, Bad Luck Officer, was going to be released on March 15 that I told Siri to remind me to buy it. I was even more thrilled when Suzie posted early that the book was ready on Amazon, for Kindle. I downloaded it immediately. And by the time Siri reminded me to buy the book, I'd long finished it. I could not put it down.

Again, I hadn't planned to read it straight through. I figured I'd just read it in spurts, on my iPhone, when I took a work break or was waiting around during kid pick up and that it would take me at least through the weekend to get it finished. But there's something about these books that causes me to want to read all the way through. I need to know what happened to Officer Ivy next.

I found myself laughing. I gasped a couple of times. I ranted. And, I wanted to cry along with her there at the end. I'm also dying to know how the case featuring the book store owner turns out. I have suspicions... but since this isn't a novel, but real life -- my suspicions are probably not what really happened. I sure hope the third book, Bad Luck Detective, includes the rest of that story.

Small Town is lucky to have Detective Ivy -- and we're lucky to have her here at BlogHer, too.

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