Adoption Baggage


I walked down the tight isle
to my seat in the middle of the airplane.
I had my carry-on.
That's it...
as quickly as it felt nice and freeing,
it felt lonely with a lack of air.
I lifted my piece of luggage to put in the overhead
compartment and heard the crinkle of wrapping paper.
It was one of K's Birthday Presents...HIS Birthday Presents
Flashbacks of Sandra Bullock holding that 
Nerf Football for the Son she had left in "Forces of Nature"
flashed before my mind.
I felt like the entire flight knew my situation.
They knew I was leaving the Family I was Raising Behind
to spend a weekend with my son I gave away.
I was SO ashamed.
Of course they had no idea-
it's unbelievable how you can feel something so strong
that doesn't exist anywhere other than INSIDE yourself.


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