The Bail Out vs. Free Market

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As a Libertarian, I am fiscally conservative. My take on the bail out is that we need to let these companies fail. We need let the free market correct itself. Allowing the government to take over the reigns will only create bigger problems later. (I believe this translates to many other issues as well, but those are other posts for other days.)

As I review the political blogs of other women, I’m finding few who support the bail out--whether they are liberal or conservative.

On Freedom’s Wings wrote Doomsday for the Free Market and We The People. She explains that neither side is winning if we allow the bail out to go forward.

This bailout plan is supported by almost no Americans. It hurts both the liberals’ side as it punishes the poor to pay off Wall Street Fatcats and it hurts the conservatives’ who believe in the free market and fight socialism all the way. Most of these politicians are lying to us, including President Bush. Now is the time we stand up for this country and tell them, “No you don’t.” Obviously, they haven’t listened to our calls to our Representatives and so now we must tell them in the voting booth. It’s either that or we go the way of Glenn Beck and get out our pitchforks. I’m all for that too.

Lizzi at The Bitten Word in Finally Something Worth Talking About
posted an e-mail written by Republican Leader John Boehner addressed to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi regarding the Economic Rescue Plan.

Madam Speaker, we owe it to all those with a stake in this process to continue our discussions until we arrive at an agreement that is acceptable on both sides of the aisle – and more importantly, one that serves the interests of American taxpayers. That is why I ask you and your Democratic colleagues to give the House Republican working group’s proposals serious consideration as this process moves forward. If such consideration is not given, a large majority of Republicans cannot – and will not – support Sec. Paulson’s plan. In the interest of the men and women we represent in Congress, I hope it does not come to that conclusion.

In Save Yourselves, Wall Street mothergoosemouse remembers a previous situation where bail-outs weren’t an option:

I remember the dot com bubble. I remember being offered pre-IPO shares in lieu of salary. I remember chatting with co-workers who were moving money from stock to stock every day. And I remember when almost all of that ethereal money disappeared in a puff of smoke - because it was never really there . . . All individual investors - whether they’re day-traders or factory line workers with a pension - take a risk when they put money in the stock market.

This week (most likely today), there will be another vote regarding the bailout. If you want to contact your representative, you can call 202-224-3121 and tell them you don’t support the bail out.

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