Baked Gingerbread Donuts with Lemon Yogurt Glaze

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Bake up these Gingerbread Donuts for a special breakfast treat! The tangy lemon yogurt glaze is a great complement to all the ginger and warm spice, and the whole wheat adds a subtle nuttiness.

Did you guys see the post I contributed to KitchenAid earlier this week?  All those yummy cupcakes?

Do you know what really surprised me?  Out of all the varieties in that selection, the one my kids loved the most was the gingerbread!  I couldn't believe it because my kids are so notoriously picky.  And my gingerbread has a lotta bold flavor going on.  ???

Mine is not to question why, I just know that when I land on something they actually like, I'd best be making more of it.

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So I thought maybe they'd enjoy a leeeeetle bit of a healthier twist on that idea, for a special Christmas morning breakfast!


If you like a really pronounced, spicy gingerbread flavor, then you are going to luuuuuurve these baked donuts.  They utilize 2 kinds of ginger, fresh and crystallized.  Very gingery.  Plus there's lots of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to really give you those warm holiday fuzzies.

If you like a milder flavor, you can cut back a little on the fresh ginger, and omit the crystallized ginger altogether.  Or you could just replace the fresh ginger with ground.

I like to use whole nutmeg, which I just grate into my mixing bowl or whatever, using a microplane grater.  The flavor is amazing!  If you don't keep whole nutmeg on hand, go a little heavier on the pre-ground stuff.  It's much less potent so you can get away with adding a little more.


I'm topping my gingerbread with a drizzly lemon yogurt glaze, which was inspired by my friend Laura over at Baking in Pyjamas.  The tangy lemon is a perfect foil to all the spice!  But if you're looking to keep your breakfast on the healthier side, a light dusting of powdered sugar would be lovely too...


The addition of whole wheat flour works really well with these donuts.  I really think your family will enjoy the added texture and subtly nutty flavor.


*Please visit Baking a Moment to view the full post & download the recipe*

The donuts can be made up to 2 days ahead, and stored at room temperature in an airtight container, or frozen up to 2 weeks ahead.  The glaze can also be made ahead, but you'll probably want to wait until a few hours before serving to drizzle it on.

Ps- If you don't already have a donut pan, you can purchase one here.  Or you can make these into muffins instead, but they will probably need a longer bake time.  ;)
Pps- If you want to dress your gingerbread donuts up with sugar pearls, the way I did, you can purchase them here.  Just sprinkle them on while the glaze is still wet!

Do you make a special Christmas morning breakfast?  Or are you too busy fighting with wire packaging ties, searching for batteries, and picking up wrapping paper shreds off the carpet?


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