Baked Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes


Oh my. These were the perfect weekend treat. As much as I love donuts (who doesn't?), I've always been terrified to re-create them at home (hot oil? thermometer? No thanks). Not to mention they're not exactly the healthiest treats to indulge in. If you ever take a moment to look at the ingredients used by the East coast donut behemoth (Dunkin Donuts), you'll see all sorts of completely unpronounceable ingredients and partially hydrogenated fats. 
Just an interesting side note on partially hydrogenated fats: they're created from vegetable oils by addition of hydrogen atoms. The addition of hydrogen changes the chemical makeup of the fat so they're solid at room temperature, easier to incorporate into doughs, and have a longer shelf life. These modified forms of fats are also cheaper than animal sourced fat, such as butter. All of this adds up to more $$$ for big food companies (capitalism at its best....not). But what does it add up to for you? Not much, I'm afraid, except for cheaper, worse-for-you food. The worst part about partially hydrogenated fats is that they spawn trans-fats (from a side-reaction during the hydrogenation process). Trans fats have been definitively linked to worsening cholesterol profiles and increased inflammation in your body, put you at risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular disease. 
Think you're ok because the food label says 0 grams of trans-fats? Think again - the FDA allows foods that contain less than 0.5 g of trans-fats to be labeled 0 grams (see the guidelines here). So, if you eat a few donuts that are labeled 0 g trans-fats per serving, and you could easily be taking in 1.5 grams without even knowing it. The more I think about all the trickery that goes on with food, the more I never want to eat processed foods again! 
But you know what? Life is short, so have a fried donut every once in awhile - just not every day. For all the other days, these donut holes are a delicious, wholesome treat. With no-fuss ingredients (that you likely have in your kitchen at this very moment), these baked chocolate donuts holes are assembled and baked in 15-20 minutes or so. Not only is it healthier to bake at home, it's more cost-effective. It's seriously this easy - let's get started...
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