The Baker's Edge Pan is brilliant if you're not an idiot. *Ahem*

As an early Valentine's Day present this year I received the Baker's Edge pan. This little bit of brilliant is a nonstick metal pan that bakes up maze-shaped delights with maximum edges. Everybody knows brownie corners are the best. Nobody dislikes deep dish pizza, where the cheese and sauce are high up over the dough, baking into a crispy, chewy, greasy mouthful of amazing. Same goes for lasagna. And au gratin potatoes. Listen, this pan is a game-changer. You just have to learn how to use it. The hard way.

Even pouring in brownie batter is a little tricky as you have to avoid a flat ribbon-shaped stream of chocolate on top of the dividers. But, brownie corners are worth the extra effort. Brownies cook up chewy and wonderful, which is all fine and good. If you just buy the pan for no other reason than chewy brownie corners, you will be happy.

Now, you know what I really wanted it for? PIZZA.

As I am wont to do, I scrapped what had been successful for other people and instead went with my own brilliant idea. Why stretch it all around the corners all messy? It's dough! I'll roll it out flat and cut it into puzzle piece-shapes and fill in every bit of the pan. So strong was my pizza lust that I didn't bother to let the dough rise again. Into the oven it went to prebake.


And--you knew this was coming--the pieces did not magically fuse together. Briefly, I considered topping and baking. Then remembered the great tragedy of hot pizza burns and how easily those ridiculous little bits of browned dough could crumble on their way to the mouth.


A moment, please, for our fallen comrade.


I had also made a garlic and cheese pizza ("with all that extra dough"). At this point I drowned my sorrows in wine and side dishes.


Energized and slightly drunk, my Plan B actually was rather brilliant. With the extra batch of dough I had made to freeze, I rolled it out pretzel-style, then flattened it with a rolling pin.
This prebake was much more successful.


M U C H.
Having all those corners makes it tough to take the whole thing out so you can cut it properly. But you know what? It's mega hot super cheesy very crusty pizza. I just crammed the broken parts back together and ate it.

The verdict? BUY. Is it trendy? Yes. But so what? DID YOU SEE THAT CRUST??

And by the way, I would be delighted to test out any products anybody wants to send me! If you're looking for engineering feedback, you can bet if there's a way to fool your foolproof product, I can find it without even trying. It's my talent.




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