Baking Memories

Fall is the beginning of Baking Season in my house and it will last through Easter. There is nothing like turning on the oven and filling the house with delicious scents of spices. While making those wonderful cakes, pies, and other treats, my daughters and I have also made some good and funny memories along the way.

The Pumpkin Queen, Erika, doesn’t want to share any food that contains this fruit! We first discovered Erika liked pumpkin when she was very young (around 2 ½ or 3). My mom came over and demonstrated how to make pumpkin pies. (I still can’t do it without burning the crust!) When the pies had cooled, we all sat down to eat. Erika was on her second piece as mom gathered her things and prepared to leave. She said “I cannot eat a whole pie by myself, so I will take the half of pie on the table.” Mom reached for the pie pan while Erika screamed “My Pie!” and jumped up and down in protest. Mom showed her there was another pie on the counter, but Erika was still upset. Mom found her protest over pumpkin pie amusing and showers her in it every fall. I have also added to her obsession by adding more pumpkin recipes to our holiday menus, like Pumpkin bread.
Francisca recently mastered using the oven and asked if she could make something on her on. I was excited to pass on my made from scratch brownie recipe that I mastered around her age. I helped her collect all the ingredients out of the cabinet then she ran me out of the kitchen bound to be independent. After about an hour, she called me into the kitchen and said “They are ready! Try them and see if they are good.” When I bit into the warm chewy brownie, the taste of salt filled my mouth! She had misread the fraction and put one and a half tablespoons of salt instead of just a half. We both laughed as she scrapped the rest of the pan in the garbage. Every time brownies are eaten, someone recalls those Salty brownies!
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