15 Ways to Find Inner Peace and Happiness

"The Measure of success is happiness and peace of mind." – Bobby DavroThe path to inner peace is not simple or short. You cannot just wake up one day and decide you are going to have inner peace and happiness from that point forward. It is a process, a life journey that needs to be appreciated every step of the way. You need to willing to accept your full spectrum of emotions....more

How to Separate Your Work from Your Personal Life

Both work and personal life each produce their own stresses and problems. A dilemma many working individuals experience is the problem of bringing their work matters and drama home, and vice versa. No matter what kind of work you do, whether it's nursing, an office job, or anything else, bringing one into the other is a recipe for disaster. This can create a bad environment to be in, where you are constantly worrying about things you shouldn't be....more

Asking the boss for a baby

My husband and I are planners. So, when it came to us having a baby, we mapped it all out: When we would start trying, what potential names we liked, and childcare after the baby was born. We were lucky in the fact that it didn't take us long to get pregnant, and although we had some wrenches thrown into the plan that required adjustments, we are a very happy family today....more

Staying home with the kids

Traffic is what did me in. I had it all planned out: I left work a little earlier than normal, I had a route home that avoided the major roads and I was excited. I was going to make it to my son's school in time for curriculum night....more

Find Your Center, Improve Your Life

.I'm not messing around here today, this is short, simple and life changing.If you want to be the best version of yourself, if you want to be happy and fulfilled and have time and energy for what is important you need to find your center....more

How to Showcase Your Work When You Work Remotely

Perception: since you're remote you are sitting in your PJs watching daytime TV.Reality: since you're working remotely you work harder and longer.Image via Pixabay...more
Great Article. I can particularly agree with building relationships. It's so easy to get nestled ...more

6 Ways to Be More Productive in the Morning & Have a Better Day

Wanting to be more productive in the morning is a buzz term on everyone’s lips, because research is revealing that having a productive day starts with the habits you implore at the start of your day. If mornings are not your forte, don’t be alarmed, productivity is something a lot people struggle with....more

Don't Look at the Wall (and there is always a wall)

 Every day, I drive 30 minutes up a winding mountain canyon, typically surrounded by cars and semis going 80 miles an hour. There is a quarter of a lane between the painted line on the pavement and the cement barrier keeping you away from the side of the mountain. People around you are texting, it’s windy, big trucks create their own vortex; you are often not in your own lane. To stay on track you have to look ahead quite a ways. The secret is to never look at the wall. If you look at the wall you will hit the wall....more