January's Writing Lab Helps You Achieve Balance

So what is the BlogHer Writing Lab theme of the month? ...more
I need this! Signing up!more

When age isn't just another number

I had a friend who was a little bummed out over turning 30. I couldn't relate. I was excited to turn thirty. At thirty I felt more stable and aware of who I was as a person for the first time in a really long time. Overall, I've enjoyed my thirties. ...more
That's a difficult question ! In terms of marriage, I married in my 30s. Since I've found just ...more

Keep On Keeping

Seems to me no matter how hard I try,To move forward and push ahead I always end up back where I started..Asking the same questions and expecting different answers.  So I guess the real question is when will I ever learn?Maybe never I guess..In the meantime  I will keep on keeping on!...more

5 Reasons Work-Life Balance Isn't Possible

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Finding a New Balance

 Recently, I realized how I need to let this blog be part of my life, not my entire life....more

Students say that family comes first

I said a lot of dumb things when I was in my 20s. As I am now older and (presumably) wiser, I take comfort in the fact that everyone says dumb things in their 20s. In your 20s you suffer from an optimistic idealistic attitude about...well, everything. ...more

Feeling Off Kilter -- and Easy Ways to Get Back in Balance

Did you ever feel like your life is off kilter? Everything is going fine, but suddenly you don’t feel like you normally do.Types of Activities that Throw Us for a Loop...more

What Makes Your Soul Happy?

I was feeling a bit run down the other day, and I saw I had saved this quote on one of my Pinterest boards....more
Cooking fir others.more