lessons in parenthood – live in the moment

 i have a messy room. dirty laundry. more work than can be thought of. and a happy child.today i was at work for literally 11 hours. i’ve been up since 4:30am. i’m exhausted and have so much to do that it’s mind blowing. but in all honesty, none of that matters too much. dirty laundry will still be there. my room will still be messy. work will still need to get done. but my child? well, she deserves me in the now....more

Finding Balance

Women Don’t Need Men, But Can We Admit We Want Them?

Comic by Tatsuya IshidaThis comic is sadly true....more
FrederickMichaelZarro thanks for the appreciation and taking the time to read!more

The Beach, the Bay and Blue Crabs

Long ago when I was a ballerina in Virginia, the ocean was never far away. After the ends of performance runs, when we had a short lay-off, we would spend days by the ocean or the Bay playing in the water, relaxing at the sea's edge and dancing in the sand.  This time signaled a short re-load, a refresh, a reset.  The days seemed long and glorious and there was no schedule. After the sun started to wane, a cook-out would inevitably ensue and the fun would carry-on.  After a few days we would go back to work, but sun drenched and ready for the next ballet....more

Sorry Not Sorry: Why I'm Done Apologizing (And You Should Be, Too)

Ugh, I know.  The title.  Not only is it a stupid hashtag, but it’s a phrase a 15-year-old idiot girl would say.I get it.But I saw this Pantene ad a while ago and it struck a chord with me and prompted me to think.  People (fine, WOMEN) are *always* ‘apologizing’ merely for just existing.  Watch the video here:...more

My Love Affair with Books

I love books.   Book stores, libraries, or any place that sells an enormous selection of books is my version of Disneyland  New books, old books, long books, or short books, I love them all.My parents always encouraged reading.  So much that my brother and I wound up in a local newspaper for having read the most books.  I couldn't tell you if I started reading early or late, what I do know is I have never stopped....more

So, What Do You Do?

 Does it bother you that when meeting someone for the first time, the first thing they ask is "What do you do?" ...more

Confession: we don't have any electronic toys

Way before baby boy was born I banned electronic toys. I decided that we would live without the jingling sounds of digital pianos, singing key rings and speaking teddies. Family and friends were informed as politely as possible in an attempt to prevent any "inappropriate" gifts from entering the house. My close friends just laughed: "It's inevitable!" they said. "There's nothing you can do! Your house will be taken over by an army of plastic doo-dahs, gizmos and gadgets that beep and blink every time you bump into them at night. Count your blessings if they have an off switch!"...more

Is Going Niqab Just as Extreme as Going Topless?

Every issue we come across or have to face today is at an extreme. There is no longer such a thing as being balanced, just a lot of bickering about who is right. And one of the most visible examples of this is when it comes to how we choose to dress — or not — such as in the case of Zunera Ishaq, a Pakistani immigrant who is appealing the ban on wearing a niqab to her Canadian citizenship ceremony. ...more

A Breezy Kind of Type A Personality

So I have spent my life assuming that I’m pretty breezy. You know, not letting things get to me, get me down, or really even noticing most of what goes on. Because being oblivious and being breezy sometimes are interchangeable, I’m not sure if you knew that.   Anyway. I pretty much thought this until a few years ago, when CB came into the picture on his actual breezy, patient horse, and started referring to me as Type A....more