To avoid divorce, stay away from "professional listeners"

Let's take a mental break today....more

Trying to stay off the "mommy track" at work

As mentioned in the past, I work for a great company with a great group of people. There are a lot of women on my team, and there are a lot of mothers. We understand what it means to be a working parent: We watch one another's backs and fill in when family emergencies arise....more

Why It's So Hard to Show Up at Church

I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, clicked on the little notes icon and typed these words: I miss church. I do....more
I've had these feelings before, but my church is pretty laid back about attendance. Usually if ...more

Your ability to balance on one leg reflects your brain health

Can you balance on one leg for 20 seconds? Researchers now believe that your answer is a reflection of your brain health.In a study of 841 women and 546 men with an average age of 67 had them stand on one leg with both eyes open--twice. Their best score was recorded. After, their brains were examimed using MRIs to check for cerebral small vessel disease damage. The researchers also used questionnaires to measure cognitive impairment.So who had trouble balancing on one leg?34.5% of those who had more than two lacunar infarction lesions...more

Hillary Clinton Says Stop Focusing On Your Deficits

At the Massachusetts Conference for Women last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (whom I met backstage!) said something that really resonated for me, and I suspect for many of the mogul, mom and maids I’ve met in the last year. Clinton said, “Sometimes we women focus too much on our deficits.” Ain’t it the truth?...more

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? -- Who guards the guards themselves?...more

Social Media and Perfectionism

They say that comparing ourselves to others based upon social media is like comparing someone else’s highlight reel to our everyday.If only I could get that to sink into my brain.I’m a big fan of social media.  I consider myself a very social person, but I spend most of my days at home, and even when I have the opportunity to go out and mingle, I occasionally get shy, panic, and hide under the covers of my bed.  It sounds like an oxymoron – the shy social person or the socially anxious social person.  Then again, I might just be a moron....more

Thanksgiving Over?

I am glad the work going into the Thanksgiving Day feast is over, but I cannot help but feel a bit let down. There was the menu planned for weeks, the fall decor to display and some new crafts that I finished. I had fun! Of course there is Christmas to plan, but afterwards a new year to follow.  ...more

Nov 14 - Today Was A Good Day

Hi! How was your day?Between our careers, our family members, children, friends and those random strangers that can pop up and turn our every days into chaos, how many nights do you go to bed and think, "By George, today was a good day!" ?...more

The Science to Designing a Supported & Purposeful Life

I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter lately. It’s a Showtime TV series that centers on a blood splatter analyst who leads a secret life as a serial killer.I will admit, this show stresses me out.It’s not that I’m afraid for Dexter (I mean, his name is the title of the show – I doubt they are going to kill him off any time soon…well, wait that was purely a guess… I’m only on the 4th season… oh no… don’t give it away!Dexter be careful!)...more