Does Being “Good at Balance” Mean Being “Perfect?”

I can’t even count how many times I hear people use the words “suck” or “terrible” when describing their ability to balance. I hear it from those who use it as a reason why they “can’t take a yoga class,” as a warning from brand new students before they ever attend a class as well as from more experienced students before and after they “do” a so-called balance pose....more

Experimenting and Hoping for the Best

Read more about Megan and her crazy life over at Thanks for being here and supporting women writers!...more

On Meeting Your Needs

Are you a women who doesn't have a clear vision of what you want your life to be like?...more

Love - Satisfying Work and a Good Family

Readers of a certain age will remember the movie Mahogany  starring Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams. There was a great line in the movie where Billie Dee's character told Diana Ross' character that all her success at work meant nothing if she had no one at home with whom to share it....more

Sane Work/Life Practices for Leaders

One of the most annoying phrases ever to be coined was 24/7. What the heck happens 24/7? Human beings aren't built for that kind of demand. Here are some proven leadership practices from an executive for maintaining balance and sanity between life and work. ...more

Keep up With Practices in the Industry

In previous articles I have advised the importance of business owners getting involved with social media and with looking for new sales techniques before they are needed. Today we will be talking about how important it is to keep up with new practices in the industry. In order for succeed in business and to remain successful, it is important not to rest on one's laurels but instead to continually look for ways to improve, do better and increase sales....more

How to Maintain Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a phrase that is thrown around a lot lately. And for good reason.  We're getting busier and busier, and expert multi-tasking is becoming an unspoken expectation. With the advent of smart phones and flexible work schedules, the lines between work and personal life get blurred easily.  Sometimes it's hard to know when that line has been crossed before it's too late. Learning how to balance the various parts of your life is important, or you'll find things start to unravel and fall apart.   So how do you find the sweet spot?...more

It Could be a Disaster, or It Could be Kind of Funny!

(Caption: When left to their own devices, they Create! Yesterday, Ben made a D.J. station for Bean and a guitar for himself out of paper.)...more

Fantastic Friday - Balancing Home and Work - Family Time and Networking

Fantastic Friday - it is fantastic to be come up with a plan to balance work and home. Each Fantastic Friday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to the work//home balancing act....more


Time does many things. We know it flies and it marches on. I think the only thing times doesn’t do is stand still.  Time is relentless. It doesn’t care who you are, how much money you make or what you want. It passes just the same for all of us.It is interesting to me that even though time never changes, our perception of it does. Depending on our mood or an event, it appears that it will either slow to a snails pace or hasten to our deadline. Who hasn’t counted the hours till a long awaited vacation? Or bemoaned the fact that we don’t have enough time to finish our project?...more