Practice Non-Stealing this Holiday Season

2013 Wellness Challenge Week 46: Non-StealingOne of the 8 limbs of the yogic path as outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is asteya, which roughly translates to non-stealing. (For those of you unfamiliar, Patanjali was a famous sage and his Yoga Sutras are the guiding document for living a yogic life.)On the surface, non-stealing is quite straightforward – don’t take from others something (or someone) that/who doesn’t belong to you....more

Stay at Home Parenting, a Personal Perspective

A number of mom-blog posts refer to being a stay-at-home parent as a job. Having recently decided to spend an additional year at home with my children, I have been struggling with this concept. For me, the idea that being a SAHM was a job, wasn't working. I was grumpy about always being 'on the job', constantly trying to get 'everything done' (whatever that means) before bed each night, only to start it all over again the next day. I didn't want to change my decisions to be a SAHM. ...more

What is a Relationship?

I was having this conversation with my mom the other night about one of her best friends who is a guy.  She wa...more

Being Intentional in Motherhood

Last week I talked about what being intentional in marriage can look like. You can find that post here.Today, I want to venture into being intentional about motherhood.You’re probably thinking, “for pete’s sake what does this woman even mean when she says ‘intentional’.”...more
intentionalmom Thank you for taking the time to read!more

Feeling helpless?

These days it's easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. I think our day-to-day fosters it, with our worlds getting smaller and smaller, anything accessible at the touch of a finger. Sometimes we focus on the drastic, big things and lose sight of the modest, little things. I've found that when we only see the big things in life we become overtaken. Our worldview is in black and white, one extreme after another....more
@Barbarahughes I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for reading!more

10-Minute Ways to Unleash Your Inner Athlete

How much can you improve in a sport in just 10 minutes a day? Every month I pick a different goal and spend 10 minutes a day on it. The goal is almost always motivated by frustration – a perpetually messy house inspired Declutter Month; not having a handle on our finances led to Money Month....more

Are You Having as Much Fun as You Used to?

Recently I had someone say, "you're gonna be good for me - I don't have enough fun in my life anymore... everything has gotten so serious."  I laughed at that and agreed that fun seems to get lost in the land of responsibility when you become an adult.  I went to bed and woke up this morning thinking about that more.  How was my "fun" different now than my "fun" before?  Well, I had less responsibility, less bills, less to do (responsibility) and well... let's be honest, I'm more ethical now....more

Try Something New

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am a creature of habit. I drive the same way to my favorite Starbucks every single time I go and order the exact same thing.  Grande nonfat mocha, no whip.  I decided that last week it was time for me to try something new. I am not a big cook, so trying a new recipe was too stressful. Heck, I can barely manage the seven things I already know how to cook. I am also not a big fashionista so taking on a new look like a meat dress was not going to happen either. Instead, I settled on a hot yoga class at a local Core Power studio....more

ChangemakeHers Rising

Sometimes a brain-stirring, heart-tugging, butt-kicking mentor session is in order....more