Breaking Bad

Employers in the United States are not mandated to provide paid vacation or holidays to their employees thus contrasting sharply with any other industrialized nation in the world. In view of this, I believe the logical mental leap here would be to think that those of us who get paid vacation would put it to good use. Not so. US employees perform rather poorly in the vacation department and as many as 60% of us end up working during the breaks we do take.  How did we end up with a workation culture?...more

Running Rogue

It is with some embarrassment that I want relay a story of how I lost of my car and temporarily, it appears, my mental capacity. Recently, I went into the driveway with my cars keys in hand and found my car missing. I was shocked. First of all, I had not heard any suspicious noises and second, who would want to steal my car? I will spare you great details but my car is by no standards flashy or fast, which is exactly what my husband pointed out when I called him....more


I actually enjoy working in the office.  I like talking to people face to face, find it easier to create or solve things in person and thrive on the social interactions.  I get motivated by the energetic buzz around me and find it easier to keep up with the latest company news when present.  Also let me not forget the pleasure I take in our excellent snack selection plus I have a little bit of a Vitamin Zero addiction that needs fueling.  ...more

Life Beyond the Ordinary

How often do we miss our future promises because we are scared to go against everything we have learned as the acceptable human response?I thank God for the many people I have come in contact with throughout my life. Some were mean, some were strange, some were beautiful, and some were demanding; yet none of them were ordinary....more

A Day In The Life of a "Stay At Home" Mom

Ever wanted to peek in on the life of another mom and see what her day is really like?Yeah, me too!Here's a little glimpse into my day: {read more ...}...more

The Bounce

Last week I was on my afternoon walk, working up a too-soon-for-summer-sweat and wondering where the magic was. It’s spring, and it’s already hot. I forgot my sunscreen. I am not ready for sleeveless. It wasn’t the mind clearing, creatively nurturing excursion I had hoped for.At the park, there were two young men practicing their balancing skills on colorful tightropes, which were attached to the trees....more

Choosing Teams for the Game of Life

Until recently, I was pretty clear where I stood and why— firmly and proudly with Team Make it Happen. There’s another team, Team Meant to Be. We’re the doers, they’re the believers. They accept, we activate. They hope. We hike. And obviously, we’re the superior team.A funny thing happened on my way to judging and dismissing Team Meant to Be. I realized they might have something. Something I wanted, and maybe even needed. Perhaps it was time to change the way I play....more
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Working for Results!

A Rural Education“Wake up!”The lights in our small country house were flashing on and my parents were already dressed, although it was still dark outside my bedroom window. My little brother and I, 14 and 10 respectively, wanted to stay curled up in our warm cocoons of blankets and pillows, but my parents moved with such an urgency that it wasn’t long before we wandered with sleepy eyes from our bedrooms to find out what was happening....more

Get Obsessed

It’s a tough thing, staying dedicated to your art while also holding down a job. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get through your commute, make dinner, get the chores done and just catch up with your loved ones at the end of the day—maybe if you feel ambitious getting a workout in.Nope, we’ve gone and made everything even more complicated by throwing apassion in the mix. How can one ever manage to keep a life in order and also chase a passion?...more
This is the post I read that encouraged me to start blogging. So inspirational!more

Trustful Parenting Experiment #2: Doing Less

This was a long winter, as everyone knows, except for you lucky devils living in places that didn’t get repeatedly body slammed by snow and/or subzero temperatures. Through the better part of the winter I kept pushing the kids to stick to a relatively active schedule of activities, errands, and playdates. We got out of the house just about every day and I thought this was good for us. But at a certain point, Miles slammed on the brakes. Getting him out of the house to go anywhere became such an unbelievable struggle that eventually I had to STOP and reconsider....more