An Inspiration...

After reading the link below on the Wal-Mart President I was intrigued (click on the link below).As a female in business it is difficult to find women that inspire you. There tends to be 3 types of female executives out there- ‘girlie girl’s', ‘women’s lib’ or ‘one of the boys’. Well what happens if you don’t fit into one of those categories?What if I want to dress pretty, but don’t want to be treated differently then the guys?What if I like to have a door opened for me, but don’t want people to have to watch what they say around me?...more

Re-Entering the Not So Real World

It’s August 1st, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be honest, this year, for my annual July hiatus (aka Digital Sabbatical), I took this thing pretty darn seriously....more

Practical Ways to Be More Productive

My wonderful fiance taught a workshop today that I was able to attend.  The byline to the workshop summary?  "Are you running your life or is your life running you?" Most of the time, I feel like my life is running me...ragged!  That was until I learned what it took to be more productive!  My secrets?  Keep reading!The Personal Day...more

The space between: motherhood and otherhood

Many years ago, when I was an angsty teen plodding my way through high school, I spent too much time making construction paper sunflowers to turn my bedroom walls into a garden of cheerfulness I didn’t always feel. I was also heavily committed to keeping a journal of quotes I found inspiring or meaningful, those that seemed to perfectly encapsulate just how I felt. In retrospect, quite a few of those were so totally cheese-tastic that I can’t bear to read them today....more

I am my Mother's Daughter

Since May 7 of this year, when I launched, my Canon camera goes wherever I go.  I am not a photographer and a camera was something I would reluctantly take only on vacations.  I wouldn’t even think of having a camera on me at all times.  You see, my mother is a photographer. Having to pose and to force a smile many times as my mother’s model/guinea pig, I grew a total distaste and dislike for all things related to photography....more

The mom, The Artist, The Whole Person

Sometimes I like to peruse the internet for other marriage or kid blogs to check out and glean ideas and inspiration from.  A few that I personally enjoy and get a lot out of are :

Keeping My Sanity (On Most Days Anyway)

I am a busy (ready for this...) wife, mother, high school teacher, college professor, writer, consultant, club adviser, and case manager. It seems as though with each school year, the list simply grows. I am one of those people who cannot seem to sit still. For that reason, I am all about balance. I firmly believe in the concept of the harder one works, the harder one must work to ensure balance in their life. All work and no play...NO WAY! I have several strategies that I use to keep my life in balance. For me, faith is very important....more

Dear J: It's Your Turn

Originally posted at Damaged Calm....more

May Blooms in You

by Myla YeeImage Courtesy of

Giving Up the Idea of Living a Balanced Life

Yesterday I attended a webinar where the speaker talked about getting to the core of what your passion is. Then once finding it, giving up the idea of trying to live a balanced life. The idea being that when you find your passion, it should then just meld in with your life. I love this....more
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