Balance (Or, Good Mommy Bad Mommy)

Mommyhood is such a delicate balance of good and bad.  For example:

Take Little Man to the Pool - Good Mommy

Teach Him How to Blow Bubbles - Good Mommy

Give Dirty Look to Child Who Keeps Splashing Little Man on Purpose - Bad Mommy

While Mommy is Dirty Looking, Little Man Swallows Some Water - Bad Mommy

Do BIG Explosion Noises to Make Little Man Laugh and Laugh - Good Mommy

Lose Track of Time and Realize that We Needed to Be Home For Dinner Ten Minutes Ago - Bad Mommy

Get Everything Packed Up IN A HEARTBEAT and Ready To Go One Handed - Good Mommy

However, When Packing, Mommy Emits Enough Swear Words to Make a Sailor Blush - Bad Mommy 

Home, Pack a Delicious Healthy Meal of Lentil Soup, Zucchini and Potato
Bites in a Reused Glass Jar (Think Reuse, Recycling my Friends!) - Good

Pack Sweatshirts, Extra Water, Bib, and Extra Napkins for Family - Good Mommy

Walk All the Way Downtown to Taste Of Madison with Family (Think Exercise!) - Good Mommy

Realize Mommy Left Delicious Healthy Meal at Home on the Counter - Bad Mommy

Food From Buraka, East African Restaurant, from Booth at Taste of
Madison and Give to Boy.  Boy LOVES IT!  - Good Mommy and Even Better Boy 

Ride Around in Stroller and Sing ABC's Despite Large Crowds and Annoyed Bystanders - Good Mommy

Ride Around in Stroller Around Capital Square Until An Hour Past Bedtime - Bad Mommy

Get Home and Cuddle with Little Man, His Monkey, and His Blanket - Good Mommy

Leave the Day's Mess for the Next Day - Bad Mommy

Stay Up Too Late Watching True Blood With Husband - Good Mommy. Happy Mommy. 

Day.  Funny Balance, but tomorrow is another day, right? Another day to
muck it up, swear too much, forget the time or the food, and sing the
ABC's embarrassingly loud.  Another day to be a mommy. 

Lucky me. :)


How about you?  What Are Your Confessions of Good Mommy/Bad Mommy?  Do you Find a Balance? 


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