Balancing Allowances and Chores

In our house there are certain chore expectations as a member of our family.  You need to bring your dirty laundry to the hamper or washer if you would like it to be cleaned.  When laundry is cleaned, you need to put it away.  When it's your turn, you need to unload the silverware from the dishwasher.   On garbage day, you need to empty your assigned trash can and help take out or bring in the garbage cans.  Luckily, all four of our children do these jobs willingly.

However, as three of our children are in middle school, they have been questioning receiving allowances.  Until recently we had not given allowances to our children.  When they were younger, they didn't ask for much.  Now, there are things that they want.

My husband and I were opposed to the idea of just giving money to the kids.  It seemed that teaching the kids to expect money was a bad lesson.  I also didn't want it to be a payment for an expected household chore.  The kids need to do these because we are a family.   

Then inspiration struck.  What if we gave the kids opportunities to make some money doing chores beyond our typical expectations?  We have been using this allowance plan for over a month now, and it has been very successful. The kids have a little extra money, and the parents have fewer chores to do.

To learn how we've made our new allowance program work, visit Your Parenting Info.  

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