I got to thinking about how important it is to balance the negative with the positive…..When we get around people who have significant problems and feel the need to listen or to help them….It then becomes important to balance that out with people who are doing well and achieving their dreams……No matter how good our intentions are or how much someone needs us when we get involved in their “energy” and listening to what is going on in their lives it reshifts who we are and what is going on in our lives….Their energy can quickly become our energy….

I have seen it time and time again someone tries to help another person only to find themselves in the same or similar situation……The “energy” rubbed off….Everything is energy of one form or the other….Our minds simply picks up on what we are around….
Helping others can be a noble thing but we must balance it out with people who are excited about where they are at the moment, dong something positive, and life is working out for them….Their energy will help balance out any negative eneregies we picked up from the other people….



I get asked so often where all my WISDOM comes from and why I love to write and blog……..Where do I get my endless flow of thoughts and wisdom? How do I remember it all?

I do love to write….It is one of my many gifts that God has graced me with. Everyone has their own gift they are drawn to……and what they were designed to pursue….Recognizing our gifts is essential to fulfilling our Divine Assignments in life…..Mine just happens to embrace the gift of Insight, Wisdom, and Writing all put together…

I love Wisdom…..I seem to get an endless flow of it….It simply comes to me in so many ways….I can be driving down the road and see something that creates in me a thought that generates new Wisdom. As soon as I can I write it down and simply begin to write on it….I also rise early and have quiet time….It is during that time that many of my best insights come……It is when I let my mind and Soul join and flow freely that my gift of Wisdom is manifested…..

And then I simply let my wisdom overflow in words onto paper……



I see so many people settle for relationships that simply are not what they want…..They settle for a level of relationships that does not give them what they want…..They accept behaviors from others that simply are not in their best interests…..They get what they settle for….What I call “3rd Rate Romance….”

Relationships come in every shape and size….and yet Romance tends to be a big one where many people simply settle for less than rather than for what they really want…..Often people are unwilling to wait or pursue what they really want and settle for whatever is available…..

Sometimes people go into relationships expecting a lot more or something different than what they are getting and yet are now unwilling to leave the relationship. So they simply stay in a relationship that is not meeting their needs……Many times people settle for what is not for their best….

Romantic relationships do come in all shapes and sizes and for reasons…..When one accepts less than in their lives they will likely continue to get it till they decide to only go for what they truly want…..When it comes to romance long term going for the best is key to a happy life….and being willing to wait as well as pursue is key to achieving one’s dream…..

In my life, I was unwilling to settle for 3rd Rate Romances….and I waited and eventually married the person of my dreams…..Had I settled for one of those 3rd Rate Romances I likely would not be with who I am today….

3rd Rate Romance may sound fun, but long term it is anything but that…..




Sometimes people simply talk and talk. I call this blabbing….and these people simply seem to find that no one ends up listening to them….Often the more we talk….the more no one listens…..

When we have run into the road block of no one taking what we are saying seriously often we have to stop….give things a rest…..and allow the people to wonder what happened to us or our thoughts……Often people take notice when someone has left the room so to speak…..but as long as that person tolerates being ignored they will likely get ignored…..Stepping back, taking a pause, and being quiet can often be one of the best ways to get people to listen to what we have to say…..

When one is being ignored a person needs to look at what they are doing if anything to cause it….Sometimes other people are simply rude and we simply need to get up and leave….but there are also times our own behaviors are creating in others the need to ignore us…..Looking at our interactions can be one of the best things we can do to see what we may be doing to contribute to being ignored….and then to do our best at making the positive corrections that are needed…..Often we create what we are receiving….



DRIVING AN RV….Life Is A Highway….

I have always loved RV’s….Those big motorhomes…..When I was little I used to have my mother stop and let me roam through “CAMPER HEAVEN” as it was called….I loved those little mini-trailors and motorhomes and I always dreamed of having one….

About 10 years ago my husband and I bought one and then another later. The second one was for my birthday gift and it was wonderful and we truly had many years of wonderful times driving around the country…..The first one was my challenge and my first real experience ever driving one….

In the state we were living at the time required a “truck drivers” license to drive anything over a certain weight. That motorhome was huge (40 feet) and pulling a car behind it made it even longer…..It was over a certain weight and so I had to go take the “truck drivers test” which I had no clue how to do……but I did…..I challanged myself and with the good will of the DMV I passed my test…….What a fun adventure I was to set out on….

My first few weeks driving that huge motorhome had me jerking it down the street….It was like driving a huge awkward box down the road. A few times I hit the curb and all the dishes fell out of the cupboards…..I also had no clue how to really do some of the technical things like emptying the sewage…..Like the time I didn’t have the sewage hoses connected right and all the sewage came flying upward….It wasn’t a pretty sight, lol…

I had many wonderful trips and many many wonderful memories as a result of buying a motorhome and learning to drive it….Yes, it was a huge challenge to learn to drive it….and I have to say I truly was not fearless in the beginning……Jerking that big thing down the road….but I was always up to a challenge to better my life and I did…

Great things come to those who are willing to take on new and right challenges in life….We never know where life will lead us….LIFE IS A HIGHWAY…




Marriage simply has it’s seasons…..Going together is really not marriage although it is a wonderful time of life….I loved dating my husband….It was fun, magical, and we were simply in love….I cherish those days and memories….And yet, Marriage is a totally different ball of wax so to speak….Dating and marriage are very different although can be equally wonderful…..

I think when people get married they think it will be like dating….but it is not…You can still date in marriage but marriage is for different reasons than dating….Marriage is about building obligations and commitments together that both choose right for their lives together……A marriage is something more solid than just dating…..And so marriage contains a more stable and yet not quite so exciting way about it….Marriages become more practical based versus fun based…

It is important to keep fun in a marriage always….and yet, marriage is about day to day routines and seeing “all of the person” not just the good side. Although marriage should be about bringing out the best in each other… does have its challenges that within a marriage one becomes aware of the flaws in another….And that is OK we all have them…..The longer we go with a person the more different facets we see…..Events happen in each other’s lives and being married allows the other to see the person they are married to close and personal whereas dating does not….

Marriages do go through their seasons….The GLOW season in the beginning, the child raising season in the middle, and the renewing stage later in marriage…..Marriage can have its ups and downs the longer it goes, but a great marriage takes work….but is so worth it’s weight in gold to give it one’s best….For a great marriage is far better than all the dating in the world…..A Great Marriage can be Heaven….



OUR LIVES are like building a house……We have to start with the foundation and build upwards….So often people want everything NOW and are not willing to build their lives correctly….Sometimes people simply want to rush through life and get the “prize” without building the foundation to their lives first….

Often we feel we are stuck….when truly we are not stuck….We are simply where we need to be doing what we need to be doing before moving on to the next level….Often success is built one layer at a time the way a house is….We can’t put a roof on a house that is not there……We have to put our foundation down first and build each room the way we want it to be before we can even think about putting the roof on…

Build a solid foundation in each area of your life so that when the storms of life come your house will be solid…..and you will also have the best looking house around…..all because you built a SOLID FOUNDATION….



So often in life people aren’t ready for when their opportunity arrives……Sometimes they don’t even recognize their opportunities when they do arrive……That is why discerning what goals, dreams, and visions one has for their lives is important. To have clarity of what exactly they do want and to come up with a plan to make it happens is key to being ready for when the opportunity arrives….

We have to do the footwork beforehand…For if an “opportunity” arrives and we are not prepared for it it simply will not recognize us…..So it is up to us to begin to build into our lives what will make for a great way for us to draw in those opportunities as well as receive them into our lives when they come…

Not all opportunities are equal. Recognizing the right opportunity from one that is not is key to success. There are many opportunities in life that look right but truly are not the best we can do….Knowing when to pass up an opportunity is key to making way towards what truly is the best opportunity for us….Also recognizing a real genuine opportunity when it does arrive and not passing it up is another key to success…

There will always be opportuintites available to us….but they won’t always be the right ones or won’t always be the best we can do….Knowing when to say no to something is important and knowing when to say yes to something is equally important….

Being both prepared for the right opportunity and recognizing when it comes can take a person all the way to where they want to go in life…..Their Dream……Be Ready….

Saturating one’s mind with positive input is a good thing….It helps keep us pointed in the right directions for our lives….Whether it comes to health, finances, religion, relationships, or any other aspect of our lives we want to keep on the positive roads……



I like being nice…….For me NICE works…..I am one of those people that smiles at other people as they go by….I wave at people with a full nice wave to say “hi…” I simply love being nice….

I see so many mean and nasty people out in the world that I wonder what is going on in their lives. How they can even live with themselves…How truly underneath it they must not even like themselves……People who are not nice simply in my opinion must not be happy at all…

I simply do my best at avoiding not nice people and I gravitate towards nice people…..Yes, sometimes people try to take advantage of nice people….That is why I keep my " radar" on to detect if someone is not nice….For I don’t allow my niceness in any way to get abused….I simply respect my niceness too much to allow that to happen….I simply love being nice and I will protect my niceness by staying as far removed as I possibly can from anyone who isn’t’.

When we are nice, ultimately nice people will seek us out and gravitate towards us……Being Nice is a way of life not a onetime deal….Success does come to those who are Nice….




When one breaks up with someone it can be one of the hardest things they have gone through. There are truly stages ones goes through much like “Death and dying….” Breaking up is hard to do as the song goes….and it sure is…..So what happens when people break up and say good-bye…..making their last kiss a kiss of good-bye….?

A sudden breakup can be most difficult. When it comes suddenly without any real warning. Especially when one of the people are left there with no real explanations or closure….Those are difficult and one simply has to slowly move on knowing that they may never have answers to the questions “why….”

Some relationships simply go back and forth gradually distancing themselves overtime to the point that the “last kiss” becomes a non-memory……A lot of relationships end slowly and gradually  wither away…..These can be just as hard as the sudden ones simply because of the emotional rollercoaster along the way…

Any which way….when a relationship ends it usually takes time no matter who did the ending of it……takes time to get over it and to heal….but healing does come…..overtime….and once that has taken place often the people involved can see why it ended….and be happy it did…..

None the less, when relationships end that can be a difficult and emotionally challenging time….but the sun will rise again and love is likely to enter one’s life better than ever……with someone new….



We simply cannot know it all in life….We can’t predict everything that happens….Yes, we can be discerning and try to predict the outcomes of certain things….There are some things we can foresee in life and many we cannot….Somethings we have control over and some things we don’t…..

If I Only Knew what I know today is what a lot of people say….but that is sort of silly….Because yesterday you didn’t know what you know today. Life is a journey and we make our decisions based on the best information we have at the time……and hopefully we make great decisions….based on what we know….not what we wished we knew before…..

Would of, Could of, Should of based on “If I only knew” is not a way to create success….The way to create success is to gather as much great information as we can about the decisions we are going to make and then hopefully make the very best decisions we can…



I love being frugal…..I grew up learning how to stretch a dollar so to speak…..My Mom was a single Mom raising us kids and she had to make every penny bounce and every dollar stretch and she sure did a good job……To this very day I love being frugal in the best of ways…I am generous to others and buy what is important for me….I sometimes splurge and get what I want….and yet, I try to buy most things in a way that is frugal…getting the most for my money.

Being frugal does not mean denying oneself what they want….it simply means to find a way to get what one wants at the very best price…..This can often involve knowing where to shop and to be willing to negotiate……Being Frugal can become a fun lifestyle when one makes it sort of like a game……

So often people simply are broke because they “throw away their money” versus trying to get the very best deals for their money…..Being willing to ask for discounts even where one is not being offered can end up getting quite a bit taken off the price of what one wants…

I never buy a big ticket item without first going to the manager and asking them to give me a better price. I almost always let them think I will walk away otherwise. My rule of thumb is….If they let me walk out the door I likely got the lowest price….And in that case I may go back in and buy what I wanted…..

I also use coupons….I love coupons….but not all coupons are a great deal if they are not for what you need or truly want. To buy something that you don’t want because you have a coupon doesn’t make sense to me….but a coupon used towards what we want and use can be a huge money maker….

I also buy what is on sale at the time. The other day coffee was on sale significantly reduced where I shop. I bought up 8 cans….I got the items while they were at that price. Sometimes we have to grab our opportunties when they are there….I also often build my menu’s around what is on sale at the time….

Learning to be frugal is a skill and a lifestyle and Successful people make it fun….for life is meant to be fun…..I love being Frugal…




I always say INTEGRITY is what we are doing when no one is looking …..What we are doing in the dark so to speak…..Integrity is what people do when they are supposed to be doing something……They are doing what is right…I think there is no “perfume” better in life than the sweet scent of INTEGRITY….

One cannot buy integrity….It is simply something that a person has….Who they are or who they are not…..Without it relationships can begin to stink. With it they will flourish…..Honoring ones word and what they are doing in life is key to a happy and successful life……

Build on your integrity the way you would build on any area of your life……The more others sense your integrity the more you will be respected and the more successes you will have in life….



It is always important to get our facts straight…..Often what we hear in the beginning is not accurate or we may have misinterpreted the information we got….Clarity is key when making assumptions….Are we assuming things based on correct information and correct interpetion of it?

Most often taking our time when making assumptions is a very good thing….Gathering all the information from the correct sources before coming to our conclusion can be the very best thing…..I have seen too many people make false assumptions then acting on them creating a mess later on…..They were building on false assumptions….and usually that will lead to failure….

It is important we get our facts straight….Our information should be flawless before we make important decisions in life…..



Falling in love is a wonderful feeling….Of course for me that was years ago….but I still feel very must like I fall in love everyday with my husband even now….Yet, that first time falling in love can be some of the most magical times of one's life….

Falling in love is almost always mixed with insecurity….because it is an insecure period of time….highs and lows….ins and outs….I think that in part is what makes it so exciting….Sort of like an Earthquake at times….It all just simply doesn’t seem that stable….although exciting….

Falling in love usually has what I call a GLOW period in the beginning where one can only see all that is wonderful in the beginning about the other person and the relationship…..It isn’t till afterwards that the person gets a truly good perspective of who a person is and what the relationship is all about….That takes time….

I believe the longer one can take to form and then build their relationship the better. Of course it should not take forever and there are time lines in most relationships…..that should be honored and respected….Yet, it can be a very good thing when a couple allows themselves to go through each stage and season in their FALLING IN LOVE and to truly enjoy the process….for that period of time will not be repeated….Enjoy Falling In Love…




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